News A thread to discuss and post climate change related articles.

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Brownlow Medallist
Mar 21, 2014
AFL Club
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Norwood, Canadiens, Maroons.
My personal hope is that we can keep mining coal in Australia. It’s hugely important to Queensland where I live but is damaging the climate. My personal hope is that human ingenuity, will work out how to continue using this stored solar energy source but mitigate its bad side, carbon emissions.

I heard an interesting discussion on RN ABC. Easily found minerals can soak up large quantities of CO2. Many times what we create. It could be a game changer apparently.

I found this.



Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 23, 2007
AFL Club
Hey Misty,

This thread popped up in my brain and I came here to have a climate change chat.
I think this stuff doesn't get much attention because of the main political discussion thread, and the associated vitriol.

I'd be happy to have respectful discussion. We might all learn something.

Sound reasonable?

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