Abbey Holmes

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Sep 27, 2005
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Quite shocked there hasn't already been a thread on Abbey.

Now Channel 7 struggle, this we know, there are many threads below that discuss this.

They made a choice to send up a few 'experts' to Queensland. People on the ground who could tell us what we cannot see on the screen (as none of us can be there live)

It seems they have three key people in this role (Luke Hodge, Daisy Pearce and Abbey Holmes). Their role is to ride the boundary and give the viewer a bit of an added experience and education on what we are not able to see.

Now two of these people do this role really well, because they know football. They can give updates on injuries as well as a bit of insight on what is happening off the ball.

Unfortunately our Abbey just isn't up to this. She often needs prompting to talk, gives very little detail about injuries and really gives the viewer minimal insight into what is happening out there. She's not up to the job and it looks really bad on her and Channel 7.

I expect we will continue to have to put up with this during the finals. and my very serious worry is that she will continue this prominent role into the coming years when things return to normal, as Channel 7 always seem to choose the third of two options....

Am I the only one here?

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Mister M

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Oct 16, 2016
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I think Abbey Holmes increased presence on Channel 7 this year has been a bit of the "right place at the right time" due to COVID & being willing to be on the road for the majority of the season to be a field commentator (with her partner being former GC & WCE and current Hawk Keegan Brooksby).

If we look at the list of Ch 7 Field Commentators at the start of 2020:
  • Daisy Pearce
  • Gilbert McAdam
  • Jimmy Bartel
  • Abbey Holmes
  • Jude Bolton
  • Xavier Ellis
  • Mark Soderstrom
  • Campbell Brown

Abbey Holmes has benefited majorly that the majority of those names either weren't interested OR couldn't get to Queensland-- where the majority of the Ch. 7 AFL games have been played across the past 10 weeks. It's been a great experience for her and a massive learning curve, but she unfortunately has had to learn the job on the run after missing the majority of the 2019 AFL season due to two separate seasons of Survivor.


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Jul 29, 2009
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A no from me overall. A number of little things add up over time.

Very general information. Leans toward shouting a bit too often. Very unusual dress style for the role (in terms of big flowing dresses etc - allowing for the warmer climate in Queensland also).

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