Abblet high contact again

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Oct 12, 2007
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Love the defenders trying to protect him again. Any other player does it they get hung out to dry (like McGovern last night).
System has become farcical.

Sniping is now green lighted and football acts suspendable.

Durdin cops a week because Rohan has the awareness of Justin Kositsche.

What a cluster **** of a system lol

Christian clearly can’t make up his mind, as one week the same action in play is a week and the next off the ball is ok.

Cue the Benny Hill music lol
I think the best course of action is for every opposition player to give him a few light elbows to the head.

It’s not a suspendable action, so clearly worth the free kick to throw him off his game.
They are now responsible for cheap shots coming back into the game.

The funny thing is last week he cops a fine and this week it’s marked off as ok lol

The whole game is run by circus clowns.
The AFL is quickly becoming a joke. Different rules for different players.
I wouldn’t mind seeing some Bulldogs execute some bumper barring into Abbletts head next week.

Might be worth a couple of cheap free kicks to get into his head. You can’t be suspended for it.
Personally I think the AFL is on shaky ground with allowing this kind of thing. I was never as worried as some appeared to be about the odd punch or elbow in the guts - with minimal impact - and didn't want to see players suspended for really minor issues. I don't think I feel quite the same way about head high actions that have no real football purpose and so much potential to go wrong. Ablett being let off due to the "impact" seems pretty generous to me given based on the footage it is Sam Wright ducking back at the last moment that is the only difference between low and potentially catastrophic impact. Just my 2c and Ablett is far from the first player to be involved in one of these - suspended or otherwise.
So I guessing all y'all will be writing to the AFL demanding that they appeal the Ben Brown decision right about now?

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Aug 24, 2002
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So I guessing all y'all will be writing to the AFL demanding that they appeal the Ben Brown decision right about now?
Couldn't care less but if you think running past the ball to hit a player in the head with an elbow (a la the actual topic of this thread) is the same as what happened on the weekend you have bigger blinkers on than I thought possible.

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