News Ablett returns to Victoria

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Sep 7, 2005
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Gary Ablett has returned to Victoria from Geelong's West Australian hub.

He landed back in Melbourne on Saturday afternoon.

Ablett recently revealed his young son Levi was battling illness.

The Cats veteran is in his final year playing in the AFL and his future in the league is now in doubt given the difficulties leaving Victoria.

Geelong and Ablett's management have been contacted for comment.


In terms of quarantine protocols, even if he flies back to WA in coming days, I assume he won’t be able to play for 14 days on return?

Wishing all the best for Gaz, Jordan and Levi. Family definitely comes first.

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Jun 21, 2011
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This is from the AFL article -

GEELONG champion Gary Ablett will miss at least the next two matches against Fremantle and West Coast after flying home to Victoria from the Cats' WA hub.

Ablett boarded a flight on Saturday morning to be with his wife Jordan and son Levi, who is battling a rare degenerative condition.

The Cats play Fremantle next Monday and then the Eagles in a match yet to be scheduled.

Should their next matches be in Queensland, as expected, Ablett would need to quarantine in the sunshine state for 14 days before re-joining his teammates from round 10 onwards.

More to come



Protecting the Dropzone
May 16, 2012
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Hey catters, thought I'd just put this here.

Sounds like he will rejoin the team in QLD.

Hopefully we see GAJ again this year.

Thanks for the update :)

Shame we won't get to see him go head to head against the Eagles - it'll be a cracker of a match


Protecting the Dropzone
May 16, 2012
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It might be that this was 'planned' a little anyway.

Have a big break, avoid hard Optus surface etc

Go over to try and pip the Pies, if not, come back, have a break, go to QLD refreshed

At least, I hope it's more likely that and not something serious for him or his family

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Jun 26, 2016
Frankston VIC
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I imagine it would be hard to think about anything else, if you had a sick kid. Hopefully its something that can be treated and the whole family is happy and healthy soon.

Tony Barber

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Apr 6, 2017
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Football should be the furthest thing on his mind in a situation like this

Given his son’s health and the quarantine requirements should he choose to go to QLD, I really wouldn’t be surprised if he has played his last game
Yeah he might be done now.
I just hope his family is ok.

Youd think that if it was planned he'd complete the w.a hub, go home for two weeks.
Then head to qld for quarantine and finish off the season.

I can't see him wanting to do 14 days of nothingness in qld.
The only possible way around I can see is 2 weeks home, 2 weeks quarantine, and 6 more games.

I wouldn't do it.
I'd just sit back and hope vic reopens in 8 weeks time.

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