Abortions cause breast cancer, says Senator Abetz


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Exactly. I'm a 15+ years union member who voted for the Coalition in the least election because of a range of reasons. I look through the Coalition ranks and there is some genuine talent there (including Abbott IMO) but I'm struggling not to have some buyers remorse.


S. Pete
Freudian slip of the year. Congrats Pete. If it was done intentionally, that makes it even better.
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Jul 2, 2014
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Why is anyone surprised. Eric (or Erica as Clive suggests:rolleyes:) is a walking disaster. Just hasn't had the attention he deserved in opposition.

Just one of many of the reactionaries who have been found not to be up to it in government.
He was also the person who feed Turnbull the fabricated information about the so called "ute gate" and Rudd which saw MT lose the leadership to Abbott.

Pie eyed

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Jun 26, 2007
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Abortion is getting a really bad rap in these threads.
Properly used, abortion could ave easily prevented Abetz, Brandis and Abbott from making all the ridiculously ignorant and factually incorrect ideological outbursts they have made, basically their entire careers.

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