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We Await Silent Tristero's Empire
Nov 24, 2007
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Welcome to the Adelaide Crows BigFooty Board!

It's the best board on BigFooty, where people can talk about how great the Crows are [hint: they're really great!]

This is an administrative thread, where we have Rules, Links , [redacted] and the Adelaide Crows Moderator Honour Board.

If nothing else, read the Rules!


Have a great stay and remember to be respectful, and remember to help build your community.

the Mods
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We Await Silent Tristero's Empire
Nov 24, 2007
DTC Frat House
AFL Club
Other Teams
Team Lambda Variant

The overarching BigFooty rules can be found here.

These are the BigFooty Adelaide Board posting rules.

Number One rule and the most important in the BigFooty posting guidelines state that you must be respectful when posting on other team’s boards.

All Posters

(1) There is a swear filter. Type normally and let the filter do its job. Don't say f***, or misspell the word in such a way (e.g., using $ for the letter s) to make it understandable. Similarly do not post images with these words displayed. Attempts to circumvent the swear filter will result in a warning, followed by an infraction.

(2) Offensive Terms and images - The word "rape" has a very specific meaning, relating to unlawful sexual assault. It is offensive and completely inappropriate to be using this term in a football context, for example "we were raped in that trade", or "we raped them on the scoreboard". Any use of the word "rape" in this context will result in an infraction.

Rules about content can be found here:

All content you submit, upload, or otherwise make available to the Service ("Content") may be reviewed by staff members. All Content you submit or upload may be sent to third-party verification services (including, but not limited to, spam prevention services). Security is never guaranteed - do not submit any Content that you consider to be private or confidential.

You agree to not use the Service to submit or link to any Content which is:
  • dangerous to health, anti-vax, Covid denial etc,
  • hateful, including sympathetic discussion of far-right/neo-Nazi tropes,
  • defamatory,
  • threatening,
  • abusive,
  • likely to offend,
  • spam or spam-like,
  • contains adult or objectionable content,
  • risks copyright infringement,
  • encourages unlawful activity,
  • or otherwise violates any laws,
  • or contains personal information of others,
You are entirely responsible for the content of, and any harm resulting from, that Content or your conduct, including any material posted under your account - Do not share your password with others.

(3) BigFooty has rules regarding quoting from online articles. In regards to linking to articles, the Official rule is:

  • Headline
  • Link
  • Excerpt up to a paragraph

No more, unless you have specific remarks about specific paragraphs or sentences in which case:

  • Your comment
  • Quote
  • More comment

Entire articles are not to be posted. This includes in private boards and social groups. Posters not following this will result in a warning, followed by an infraction.

(4) Posters who launch into seething, vitrolic, profanity-laden rants about the inadequacies about our coaches / players / admin add zero value to our forum. If you want to post about how those in charge have got it wrong, try to do so in a way that displays a modicum of maturity and intelligence. Taking a sentence such as "Craig is a ****ing idiot who couldn't coach an U12 side" and stretching it into a paragraph is little more than a waste of bandwidth and drags otherwise worthwhile discussions a mile off topic. . If you have nothing more to add to a discussion that a player or a coach is useless, at least try to express that opinion in a meaningful way. In what is arguably our darkest hour since Bigfooty was invented, let's try to actually display some level of maturity rather than some of the gutter posting that has taken place as of late. These posts will not be tolerated either, and will attract a low infraction for first offence and mid-range infraction for subsequent offences.

(5) Do not post using sms txting. You have a full keyboard, please use it and the English language. This will result in warnings, followed by infractions.

(6) Can all regulars and visitors to this Board please avail themselves of the Search facility - and use it before posting threads with topics that might have already been covered.

(7) Questions about moderating decisions will be deleted by the moderating team.
Contacting the moderating team via PM and query the issue directly. We're reasonable people, we'll listen to reason as long as you're not overly abusive. If you feel you are not getting satisfaction, the administrators are the people to talk to. Chief runs the site, but is more concerned with the macro decisions. The best administrators to speak to are grizzlym and Fred. Questions about moderating decisions will be deleted by the moderating team. Repeated incidents will receive infractions.

Adelaide supporters

(8) You do have the right of reply against opposition supporters, however if your response far outweighs what you are responding to, warnings or infractions may be handed out. Let's remember kids post here too.

(9) Abuse of other posters, and other unnecessary vitriol: we can all get frustrated with our team, or the AFL in general. By all means, you are encouraged to put your opinions forward and debate with other posters your thoughts on what we are witnessing, and what the potential solutions are. That's the point of forums such as these, and it is the differences of opinions that keep them interesting. You are well within your rights to disagree with another poster, or to take them to task for a post you deem questionable or even factually inaccurate. However, you are not within your rights to abuse that poster! It is possible to say that you think somebody is wrong without resorting to petty name-calling, or smug sarcasm. This has been occurring with far too high a frequency as of late for my liking, and so I'm going to be cracking down on it. Obviously, as with all rules, there are degrees of acceptable behaviour. It is your responsibility to use common sense to determine if your post is acceptable or not. If you are not certain, you shouldn't post it! Offenses will be dealt with using warnings, followed by infractions.

(10) If you are found to be an opposition supporter posing as an Adelaide supporter, your board access will be removed and enough infraction points retrospectively incurred for trolling posts, to ensure you spend a spell on the sidelines site-wide.

(11) Crows Only should only be used for particularly sensitive topics where opposition input is only going to cause issues. Abuse of Crows Only labelling of threads may lead to infractions.

(12) Please note that in line with updated posting rules elsewhere - please make sure you choose the title of your thread to represent the topic or the content in your Opening Post. Threads with titles that leave the user with no idea what the thread is about detract from the search function and will be deleted. For instance, Do You Know If?...

(13) There has been a recent rise in the number of posts where somebody puts forward their point of view, and then concludes their post with "Now watch as other poster comes and disagrees
". This style of posting adds nothing to a debate, other than to incite the mentioned party or parties to retaliate against the first poster. It is little more than a personal attack. It will henceforth be treated exactly the same as any other form of personal attack. If you are the person being mentioned in such a poster, please simply report the post rather than angrily replying to it. Posters using this form of ad-hoc attack will be given warnings, followed by infractions.

(14) Posters should endeavour to stick to the topic & where they completely derail a thread, particularly with ongoing personal abuse, then they will likely earn themselves an infraction. Repetitive posting of the same points may be considered 'thread derailment' and have the relevant posts moved to a separate thread. If this occurs, returning to post the same points in the original thread will be considered deliberate trolling and managed accordingly. Posters who continually derail threads will be given warnings, followed by infractions.

(15) Troll account police - there are mechanisms in place for the Adelaide Board moderators and BigFooty's head moderators to deal with trolls - it's not the job of posters to take it upon themselves to oust trolls in the threads. It only leads to thread derailment, animosity between posters, and more work for your mods to clean up afterwards. If you think a poster is breaking the rules then report these instances. Labelling people as trolls in a thread may result in a penalty.

(16) Who is and isn't a supporter (a.k.a., No True Scotsman) - fans will support the club in different ways. Some are optimistic, others are pessimistic. Some will agree with decisions, others will disagree. Some are emotive, others are measured. There is no right or wrong way to support the club. Labelling people as sycophants or opposition supporters in disguise only leads to thread derailment and animosity between posters. Engage with the posters you think make interesting posts. Do not take it upon yourself to point out that the way someone supports the club is "wrong”. Continued harassment of other poster(s) will result in warnings followed by infractions.

(17) Post history - whether someone has been here a long time or a brief time, or has a large number of posts or few posts is irrelevant. Everyone interacts with BigFooty in a different way. Some read, some post. People may post hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Their opinion does not become more or less valid depending on how long they have been here or how regularly they post. Bagging noobs or forum junkies for being noobs or junkies can result in - guess what - warnings followed by infractions.

(18) Disagreements - Everyone has opinions and people may not agree with yours. It is what makes BigFooty interesting reading however can descend into unreadable fights that last for pages on end. If you do disagree with a poster's opinion, try to do it without being being condescending or insulting. If you think someone has belittled you please report it rather than firing back with more venom. It only leads to off-topic fighting that makes threads impossible to read. Off topic bickering will result in a penalty for both parties - not just the poster who started it. It takes two to tango and the poster(s) who continue to breathe life into an off topic argument are just as responsible as the poster who fired the first shot. Use the report function - do not allow yourself to be dragged into an off-topic fight.

Opposition supporters

(19) Constructive and friendly debate is more than welcome. Joining in the spirit of existing satire and friendly banter may also be okay.

(20) Remember to tread extra softly on our board before you have built a reputation - this will assist in making joining in banter 'okay' rather than misinterpreted as trolling. It's also to have our own board members appreciate that opposition fans who have built a good reputation on our board won't be carded for any remark you don't like. Reputation and intent will be judged appropriately by the mods. As per the rules we will reserve the right to attack with righteous fury when required .

(21) Be extra respectful after a loss or similar bad news for Adelaide fans.

(22) Saying you were only joking after you have been infracted = bad luck. If you are not sure and don't make it clear, then don't post it.

(23) Opposition fans do not have the same right of reply as Adelaide fans. If you want to get even with an Adelaide fan, choose another board to do it (within BF guidelines).

(24) Personal abuse by an opposition fan will meet with an infraction.

(25) Disrespect towards Adelaide or its players will meet with an infraction.

(26) The moderators reserve the right to interpret your intent as they see fit.

(27) If you want to complain against an infraction via PM, you may be rewarded with a further infraction. Posting about moderator decisions on the boards themselves is against forum rules and will not be tolerated.

(28) The moderators may at any time decide to remove your access to the Adelaide board temporarily or permanently.

(29) If we deem that your post is a 'troll' then a mid-range infraction will be given in the first instance.

(30) Threads that have been marked as Crows Only will attract more severe penalties than usual for posts, or ninja 'likes', by opposition supporters (typically a serious infraction)

(31) Queries about when players are coming back from injury - regardless of whether you are interested in your dream team or if you just happen to be interested in the player - please post your queries in the Dream Team thread! First offences will result in a yellow card. Crows supporters - if you see this happening, please report it and do not reply to it, neither to answer it nor to tell the poster to post in the thread. This will help us mods out immensely. Thank you. With the new Dream Team and Supercoach seasons around the corner, and the meaty part of the offseason underway, it is expected that both opposition supporters and fellow Crows supporters will be interested to know which youngsters are likely to play and where they are likely to play, in pursuit of the next bargain pick. However, posts like these have a habit of dominating a forum, making it less enjoyable for us Crows supporters trying to discuss footy in our little corner of the internet. For this reason, a sticky thread has been enacted here that is the place to ask any questions about any players on our list. Any posts made in threads other than the one linked above asking questions related to Dream Team or Supercoach will be moved to the sticky thread, and the poster will attract a YELLOW CARD for their first offence. Further offences will attract a RED CARD. These penalties are non-negotiable and not having read this thread is not an excuse. If I or any of the other Adelaide mods decide that wayward posts are getting out of hand the punishment will be made more severe, with notice in this thread. Opposition supporters - coming on here with sneaky questions such as "Hey, how is Myke Cook travelling this season, I'm a big fan?" fools nobody. Even if your intentions are pure, nobody will believe you anyway so if you are genuinely interested, ask in the DT/SC thread.


This board has increased its traffic greatly in recent times and with that increase comes an increase in troublemaking and trolling.

We will not always catch everything and we may not act on everything, however the onus is on the posters to check their own behaviour, not the moderators to be 100% consistent (although that is our aim). If we spend a couple of hours cleaning up rubbish, then we may not be as forgiving of breaches as we would be if it had been quiet recently.

Posters should endeavour to stick to the topic & where they completely derail a thread, particularly with ongoing personal abuse, then they will likely earn themselves an infraction. Repetitive posting of the same points may be considered 'thread derailment' and have the relevant posts moved to a separate thread. If this occurs, returning to post the same points in the original thread will be considered deliberate trolling and managed accordingly.

A long time reasonable poster may not incur the same punishment as a new poster who has always pushed the boundaries. You make your own reputation and may occasionally be judged based on that reputation. They are the facts of life.

Once more, if you are not sure, read it again, think about it and if you are still not sure .... don't post it.

Finally, we are unpaid volunteers. We do not sit here and read everything you post. We rely on posters reporting posts which are inappropriate. Before complaining we haven't acted upon something, ask yourself: did I report this so that the mods knew it was there?

Your mods,
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We Await Silent Tristero's Empire
Nov 24, 2007
DTC Frat House
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This thread/post contains a list of useful and/or important threads on the Adelaide Board. If you feel that there is a thread which should be added to the list, PM one of the moderators and they will update it accordingly (provided they agree with you).

AFC Player Contracts
This thread lists the expiry dates of all known AFC player contracts. Want to know why someone didn't get delisted? Check how long they are contracted to the club.

Injured Crows
This thread lists the AFC players currently MIA due to injury, along with the dates of their expected return to action.

Father/Son Eligible Kids
This thread lists all AFC players who are eligible to have their prodigy drafted by the Crows under the F/S rule, along with the names of all known male offspring.

Crows Media
A thread by Kristof which tracks all Crows-themed articles, interviews and other media guff (non-Rucci only please)

Fantasy Football
A thread for all Dream Team, Super Coach and AFL Fantasy questions

Adelaide Crows Stats Thread
A thread by Danoz where he crunches all the numbers from our 2015 season

Crows Videos
This thread contains the videos from the AFC website, retained for posterity on youtube, lest the AFL screw up all the links yet again.

Rising Star Nominees
This thread lists all of Adelaide's Rising Star nominees over the years.

The following threads have been deemed worthy of long term linkage due to the high quality of their content...

Carl Spackler's "Transcript" series:
Predicted transcript
Monday meeting called by assistant coaches - TRANSCRIPT
Football Operations Meeting - TRANSCRIPT
Selection meeting: Rnd 7 vs Richmond - TRANSCRIPT
AFC WebTV: Crows on the Couch - TRANSCRIPT
AFC WebTV: Crows On The Couch Ep 2 - TRANSCRIPT
Monday Damage Control Meeting - TRANSCRIPT

Brisbane 2017 Face-Off: Choose Your Own Adventure!

Adelaide Players Past Present and the Cars The Resemble

Tippett's Gone

Weak Flog Jake Lever requests trade to Melbourne, causes player revolt
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We Await Silent Tristero's Empire
Nov 24, 2007
DTC Frat House
AFL Club
Other Teams
Team Lambda Variant
Adelaide Crows BigFooty Moderator Honour Board

To thank and show appreciation to all of the posters who were dumb enough to give up their time, energy and mental health to act as Moderators for this board.

If you were a moderator of this board, and your name isn't on this list, send me a note telling saying when




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Mad Dog

NikkiNoo 2007 - ??

Vader 2007 - ???


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