Preview Adelaide vs Fremantle - Saturday 27 May

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With our last game 6 days ago on a heavy track, travel, against a potent attack on a ground that has the mozz on us - i would be shocked if we win. I'm actually worried that we'll lose even more percentage. Will be happy if we can keep it close.

Crows by a lot. :( (so annoyed I'm working for this game!)
Thanks for the good preview, they have all been entertaining (those that have contributed!) and a good start to the week of footy.

We are probably the most consistent unknowns in the competition, with North Melbourne - only we have won the close ones, and most of the time they have not. Saying that, every team has had some beltings, and some small wins (and losses) or one of the combinations.

Regardless, some games we have played this year :
Melbourne smashed Adelaide, and we beat Melbourne by 2 points
North smashed Adelaide, we beat North in a close one.
We beat Richmond on the buzzer at the MCG, Adelaide smashed them at home.
Fremantle put away Essendon, Adelaide smashed them

So we have all won 3 against different teams, with completely different margins and results. Anything can happen!

Adelaide to me are like the Eagles this year, they come out and thump teams, or they drop their heads and get beaten...easily.

I predict a +/-15 point margin in this one.
I just can't see how we're going to win this one given the match last week and 6 day break. Still going to tune in to see Walters and Betts try and out-do each other though.
I think the start to this game will likely decide the game. Freo can't let Adelaide blow them out of the water early and play catch up for the rest of the game. Would be nice if we could take a page out of the book for whatever the kangaroos did to Adelaide that was one of the most dominate halves of footy I have seen. Would be nice if freo could emulate that. Fingers crossed it's a pretty tight game but beating Adelaide will be a tough task. We have matched up pretty well in past meetings against Adelaide away. Fingers crossed we match up pretty well this weekend. Unfortunately I see it Adelaide by 32 points hope im wrong

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If we start with a spare we've already lost. We structure up terribly with a spare and the opposing midfield cut through ours like butter due to the lack of pressure. Our best bet is to have even numbers either side of the ball or our spare close to the contest.

Let our undersized underrated defenders fight it out. If they get spanked, change will come, if they win or halve their battles, we will be in with a big chance.
Adelaide have a very attacking game style, moving the ball quickly with precision. They have a lot of talls, so if it's raining this game may play into our hands. If we can win in the midfield I think we are a real chance. Don't forget, our midfield stacks up with one of the best in the competition. I think we are going to give this game a serious crack.
I seem to remember us being competitive In the first half, albeit not taking our chances in front of goal at Adelaide last year.

Ended up being a big win for them however we have greatly improved since then and they have probably only marginally improved.

I saying that I don't expect to win but I wouldn't be surprised if we finish within 20pts of them.
Alex Pearce bossed Tex Walker from memory. God I miss that guy
Sandi out probably takes some pressure off. Can't be expected to win this one at all anymore. But our current team does seem to step up in adversity so who knows? Really happy for Griffin to get to play indigenous round and hopefully break the record. Would love to see Darcy debut but he's not quite ready with his fitness from what I have seen. Hopefully Ryan or Tucker in for Langdon but reckon Sheridan might be in the box seat.
All of these boys will play except Alex... 8 indigenous players, whoop!

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