AE AE 2019 Launch and Discussion Thread

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Feb 1, 2011
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40 locked in, just need payment info
I have set up a bank account for payments, will send details shortly. Wanted to wait until i knew everything was locked in and ready to go before accepting payments from anyone.

Have set up a paypal account as well for those that want to pay that way, just waiting on paypal to confirm the bank account before it can accept transfers.

Will PM bank account details later today and then amend that PM with the paypal link included once that is set up.

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Aug 1, 2010
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Schedule all completed and submitted to JeffDunne to put into the website and peterbuch74 to do his magic with photoshop so he can do something good like Woodson used to for the reveal.

Harder than I thought. I now see why Woodson used to have a random alignment of non-divisional games all over the place. Allows one to slot in games wherever without shooting yourself in the foot.

I first tried to tackle the Veterens and Candlestick divisions and after 4 hours and onto plan C I had to sleep on it. I ended up ignoring it for a week.
Then I decide to put a schedule together without worrying about the who. Just did a1 vs b2 etc. Ended up doing it a lot faster this way. Started this at the same time as playing Avengers 4. Finished the schedule just when Thor arrives in Asgard.

So much faster.

Lost my original plan though (With recent history between GG.exe and aussiedude I planned on having them go head to head in 2 consecutive weeks just for the fun of banter.


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Oct 10, 2007
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AE19 Next Duel Schedule
NFL Weeks 1 through 13
Play each of your divisional opponents twice throughout the season, and then each opponent in one other division in your conference.
Top 2 from each division are then seeded and placed into a bracketed finals system to begin in NFL week 14 culminating in the Next Duel final in NFL week 17
ie: Top 2 from each division advance - 16 total (8 from each conference), 16 down to 8, 8 down to 4, 4 down to 2, then the final.

ND Schedule 1-3.jpg

ND Schedule 4-6.jpg

ND Schedule 7-9.jpg

ND Schedule 10-12.jpg

ND Schedule 13.jpg

EDIT: UPDATED TO REFLECT ROSTER CHANGE... American Foe replaced by Bloods33
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