AEW Double or Nothing 2, Sunday May 24th, 10am AEST

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Feb 7, 2011
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Yes from what I have seen. Decent start, really slow middle and a decent ending. But my post meant was I love reading GWBogan 's posts. I would love to see if a promotion as truly terrible as 2000 WCW would get the same support.

I follow AEW tangently cause it has wrestlers I like. I have no opinion if the PPV was good or not
2000 WCW for the most part sucked, I was firmly in Camp WWF by that time anyway thanks to The Rock and Team ECK. Jeff Jarrett as a main-eventer and WCW champion pretty much sealed my dislike for WCW, along with pretty much everything Vince Russo got his hands on.
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Jul 26, 2016
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I thought it was very good.
Enjoyable beginning, duller middle and an amazing ending - the Stampede match had some weird *** action, comedy, intrigue, high spots
A bit of blood, some cussing, some action, non scripted ad libbed talking and sequences - that's WRESTLING

WWE is too heavy on the ENTERTAINMENT side with all the fluffy backstage **** and build up and is handcuffed by PG-13 to not push the envelope and they have their performers acting out from watered down PC compliant scripts and not enough WRESTLING.

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