2nds AFC 2021 SANFL Thread - We're baaaaaaaack (in the SANFL)

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Aug 9, 2019
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The mighty Panthers, GWV Rebels, Be
He will be playing a fair bit for Rostrevor though
I doubt young Michalanney's body is ready for the wear and tear of senior SANFL football just yet unless he's put on some serious size since i last saw him play.

Might be better served development wise playing for his school and U18's at the Redleg and transitioning through the SANFL reserves as he progresses.


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Apr 15, 2011
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Further to SANFL’s 2022 rule changes, the SA Football Commission has approved adjustments to SANFL’s annual AFL Licence and Regulation review with the Adelaide and Port Adelaide Football Clubs, including:
  • Adelaide and Port Adelaide would have access to Father-Son prospects in their 18th year, for a full season to play in their SANFL team – if they haven’t already played League with their SANFL club. In this instance, the AFL club would pay the player’s SANFL club a $5000 transfer fee.
  • Removal of a transfer fee for Next Generation Academy and Father-Son players in their 18th and 19th year, who are yet to play League Football at their SANFL club, allowing them an opportunity to play and train with their AFL-aligned SANFL club over a four-week period.
Spend $5K to Norwood and 4 weeks each for O'Loughlin and Dudley
Isn't it $0 for the 4 weeks?

Its only $5k if its for a whole season??

That's how it reads to me but not a hill i care about dying on.

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Dec 5, 2011
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But it could be good that he trains with the SANFL Crows team and he becomes inculcated into the Crows if we are drafting him.
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