Competitions AFC Board Draft Game 2019/20 Main Competition Thread - Now with Poll!

Should the draft extend beyond 30 rounds?

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Mego Red

The Artist Formerly Known As Kristof
Oct 3, 2003
The East Coast
AFL Club
Other Teams
Soft spot for Brisbane
The Five Foot Tall Firstrounders

F: Christian Petracca, Josh Bruce, Justin Westhoff
HF: Chad Wingard, Charlie Curnow, Jordan Dawson
C: Bradley Hill, Clayton Oliver, Brandon Ellis
HB: Lachie Whitfield, Jake Lever, Brayden Maynard
B: Alex Witherdon, Oscar McDonald, Zach Tuohy

1st R: Jarrod Witts, Andrew Brayshaw, Jack Billings
INT: Hunter Clark, Lewis Jetta, Zac Butters, Ed Richards

EMERG: Pearce Hanley, Tom McCartin, Tom Atkins, Nick Coffield, Josh Walker, Oliver Hanrahan, Rupert Wills, Liam Stocker

Alright, I'm not going to bullshit with a lot of comments. I'll just tell you the reasons why we will beat you.

1. Attacking power from defense. Whitfield, Tuohy, Witherdon, Clark, Maynard, Richards plus Lever as an interceptor. They'll smash you.
2. Outside power in the mids. Hill, Billings, Ellis.
3. Forward line flexibility. Petracca, Wingard, Curnow, Westhoff are all mobile and will score against you from multiple fronts, plus Josh Bruce is possibly the most underrated tall forward in the league.
4. The third best ruck in the league.
5. Depth.
That interchange and emergency list is the best in the comp.

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Brownlow Medallist
Jan 31, 2009
AFL Club
My Team:

FB: B.Stratton | J.Hamling | J.Howe
HB: S.Atley | S.May | C.Blakely
C: T.Scully | M.Bontempelli | J.Polec
R: R.Stanley | M.Crouch | T.Cotchin
HF: T.Greene | J.Hogan | J.Thomas
FF: N.Larkey | T.Hawkins | D.Rioli
B: B.Ebert | A.Cerra | L.Dahlhaus | L.Davies-Uniacke

Em: C.Sinclair, J.Sinclair, G.Birchall, L.Taylor, W.Powell, E.Vickers-Willis, D.Venables, B.McKay

Defence: Strong in the air and well credentialed key defenders in Hamling and May. Howe helps out in the air better than most in the AFL. Stratton Hawks skipper rounds out a strong defence combined with run from Blakely and Atley.
Midfield: Bont, Crouch and Cotchin is A grade. Scully, Polec, Ebert, Cerra and LDU provides formidable depth. Stanley is a middle of the pack ruckman but servicable enough, Sinclair in reserve.
Forward: Hogan and Hawkins best duo in the draft if Hogan can get himself fit (sounds promising). Green is a star. Rioli should be better in 2020 and has star quality. Larkey is an up and comer who will surprise with how many he kicks in 2020. Dahlhaus is very good depth.

Stars headlined by Bontempelli, May, Greene, Hawkins, Cotchin, Crouch, Howe, Hogan and Polec. Potential stars in Rioli, Scully, Cerra and LDU.

Expect Sinclair, Birchall, Taylor, Sinclair, Powell, EVW, Venables to all play plenty of footy. Mckay a gamble but have read he is frontrunner for a KPD spot at North.
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May 24, 2006
Car 55
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Redbacks, Sturt, Liverpool, Arizona
The voting stage, pretty much this comp's version of the JLT series. It's a few warm-up games to preview what the teams could look like in 2020 but, ultimately, it's the post-season scores that matter the most.
Would actually be good to see how closely each poster's votes equate to the end of season rankings

Then next year you get given a weighting depending on your accuracy


Premiership Player
Jul 1, 2017
AFL Club
FF : C.Cameron ....... J.Finlayson ....... B.Matera
HF : J.Cripps ........... B.Mihocek ........ C.Zurhaar
C : H.McCluggage ..... J.Macrae .......... O.Florent
HB : H.Young ........... T.Clurey .......... N.Vlastuin
FB : J.Kolodjashnij .... R.Tarrant .......... C.Mills
R : T.Bellchambers .... D.Shiel ........... G.Hewett

IC : O.McInerney ... B.Acres ... M.Rowell ... J.Hunt

EMC : J.Rowbottom ... M.Gleeson ... B.Frampton
DTH : H.Cunningham .. J.Ross .. N.Balta .. W.Gould .. J.Mead

Forwards :

and Mihocek key up this dynamic forward line with Cameron , Cripps and Zurhaar providing elite pressure , ferocious tackling and plenty of goals . All 3 are strong in the air and one on one for small forwards . Matera will do what he does best ... get in the right spots and scunge a few .
McInerney to rest deep in the 50 at times to stretch the opposition talls and was top 10 AFL wide for contested marks in 2019 .

Midfield :

A-Grade Core of Macrae , Shiel , Hewett and McCluggage who will start on the outside before rotating into the guts freeing up Jack to pace the left wing Florent will tear the right side ragged with spells from Acres who is the teams "Utility" . Rowell rolls through the center square to share the load .
Solid mix at the clearance with toughness , clean hands and breakaway dash .
McCluggage and Macrae both have first class ball use and can hit the scoreboard .

Rucks :

will use his physicality to wear down opponents allowing McInerney to get the jump . Not super top tier but an underrated tandem .
Frampton will push hard for selection which would give the forward line another strong marking tall shifting the Big O into first ruck .

Backs :

Super stingy mix down back with Tarrant , Clurey , Kolodjashnij and Vlastuin very rarely beaten 1 on 1 . All have very good closing ability , timing and smarts to help out on the intercept . Mills is quick , courageous and strong overhead and will provide plenty of dash on the mop up . Young slots straight into the quarterback role with his immaculate ball use . If the oppo goes small or we want some more run down back Hunt will take a flank on shuffle for matchups. This group will be very hard to score against .

Depth :

Well balanced with oodles of upside .. blah , bla , blah . Good luck to all .
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Danger Zone

Club Legend
Aug 20, 2013
AFL Club
Other Teams
Hammarby IF, Toronto Raptors
Likewise, I am in rural SA. I’ll try to get some rankings and a write up done but it might not be until Tuesday.


Club Legend
Oct 15, 2005
AFL Club
Other Teams
B: Tom Stewart - Nick Haynes - Harry Perryman
HB:Jason Johanissen -Jack Lukosius - Hayden Crozier
C: Jack Steven - Taylor Adams- Adam Tomlinson
HF: Jake Stringer - Esava Ratugolea - Ben Ainsworth
F: Sam Lloyd - Jack Darling - Josh Schache
R: Rory Lobb - Mitch Robinson- Tim Kelly
INT: Callum Ah Chee - Todd Marshall - Jed Anderson - Aaron Vandenberg

EM: Shaun McKernan - David Cuningham - Jye Caldwell

Depth: Fischer McAsey - Isaac Quaynor - Kaiden Brand - Mitch Hibberd - Andrew Phillips

Gone for an athletic team with plenty of X-factor and run, also clearances are a strength. A handful of bargains to go with, in hindsight, a couple of reaches.

Nick Haynes is a genuine gun, a future AA who can play on talls or mid-sized forwards, same with Tom Stewart. Harry Perryman takes the oppositions best small forward, also has the capability to switch into the midfield.

Half Backs:
Plenty of dash and elite kicking across half-back. Jason Johanissen was back in 2016 form towards the end of last season, Hayden Crozier is an excitement machine and can match up on small or mid-sized HFF and Jack Lukosius provides plenty of class. All 3 are better than average kicks of the football. I still believe Todd Marshall is a swing-man who can provide cover at CHB if the a match-up requires it.

Centre & Followers:
At 206cm, Rory Lobb has the height and athleticism to match it with the best in the comp. Tim Kelly is the rolls-royce of my midfield, every chance to secure the Brownlow in 2020. Clearance work will be a strength of this team with Mitch Robinson and Taylor Adams providing the grunt, Jed Anderson coming off the bench adds to the rotations. Jack Steven will bounce back now he is more settled personally, his gut-running will benefit any team. Adam Tomlinson is a calculated risk, has decent height and skills and will add polish to the wing position. Callum Ah Chee provides further run coming off the bench.

The Package
can do anything on his day, adds a real flair and X-factor to the forward line. I think Esava Ratugolea has a breakout year, athletically gifted and provides back up in the rucks. Ben Ainsworth has been held back by injuries, if he gets some luck he will show the skills and class which made him a number 4 pick.

Jack Darling
could well challenge for the Coleman this year, particularly with Kelly jamming the ball down his throat. Sam Lloyd is a very underrated player, full of goals, great hands and can kick them from 50+. Josh Schache started to show his ability towards the end of 2019. Aaron Vandenberg comes off the bench to add forward pressure, he is a tackling machine and another who has been held back by injury.

Emergencies and depth:
Plenty of versatility and talent, I think Fischer McAsey will be an absolute gun. If they are given opportunities, Isaac Quaynor and Jye Caldwell should both step up in 2020. David Cuningham is a class act and best 22 at Carlton if fit. Kaiden Brand is every chance to be Sydney's first-choice FB ahead of Lewis Melican and with Essendon's reported injury issues, Shaun McKernan and Mitch Hibberd play plenty of games early. Andrew Phillips is a Kreuzer injury away from being a first-choice ruck.


Sack Them All
Apr 16, 2014
AFL Club
So far, still waiting on the votes of six people.

Every team except one has received a vote in the top 8 so far. One team has featured in every top 8 so far (except their own)

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