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Should the draft extend beyond 30 rounds?

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Danger in Texas

Mar 28, 2011
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Reds, Lakers, East Side, Knights
Feel like I'm doomed to come 4th in voting for eternity, pretty sure I came 4th last year too. I'll take it, though :p

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Sep 11, 2009
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A bit disappointed to not make the finals but did expect it. I've picked a side based on what they can achieve in 2020 and not what they did in the final rounds of 2019.
Mine was also based on the 2020 season, I have a huge amount of young players and no old hasbeens who are about to get booed into retirement.

Pea Nut

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Jul 9, 2013
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I wouldn't mind some honest feedback on my team noting I thought I had done well. You can pm me or post publically. Whateevs.
You made my top 8. I am not the biggest fan of your two starting on ballers but you've got the best ruckman in the league locked away. Some good players on the flanks, and and a gun fullback. You will need to hope Lance is fully fit and has a good year.


Brownlow Medallist
Jan 31, 2009
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I wouldn't mind some honest feedback on my team noting I thought I had done well. You can pm me or post publically. Whateevs.
I had you 6th.

Battle at CHB didn’t help. Hombsch would’ve looked better.
Langdon as RR not great. Shiels would have looked Better on paper.
Nathan Jones should Be in your 22 ahead of some on your bench.
The way you layed out the players at your disposal didn’t help your cause and lacking a couple of good players in key spots cost you a couple of placings.


The Boys Are Sacked!
Apr 16, 2014
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I wouldn't mind some honest feedback on my team noting I thought I had done well. You can pm me or post publically. Whateevs.
I had your team outside my top 8

Midfield: The star here is Brodie Grundy obviously, but outside of that it's lacking a second or third star. Brad Crouch is decent but I don't have him in the same 'star' category as others and there are lots of teams here with stars. The rest of your midfielders aren't bad but not much better than 'good', including Wines, Duncan, Shiels, Gibbs and Langdon in that category. You have decent midfield depth with some rotation opportunities (Jones, Zaharakis, Milera) but at the expense of depth in the forward line.

Forwards: I think this is a weak forward line. There is no small forward in your team, with those places instead spent on mid/forwards. Franklin is good but nearly cooked and your depth outside that is Taberner who I rate as only average. Membery is very good but it's asking a lot from him to pick up the slack. I'd say there are only 3 genuine forward targets in this team.

Defense: Tall defenders are decent, Phil Davis is elite and having Hombsch and Cordy as the two other talls is okay. Battle I rate highly as a developing defender as well. Rich provides a lot of rebound and normally I'd play Milera there too, but with no forward depth, that's hard. Harbrow and Savage are adequate small defenders.

Depth: Normally I don't consider players outside the listed 22 for my voting, but I'll give an opinion here too. This is actually decent depth. Sam Reid, Nathan Jones, Kayne Turner and a few others are best 22 players or close to it. I'd actually have Jones and Turner in the 22, at the expense of Brodie and Conca

I rated you harshly based on that forward line. I also think you had some players you rated highly that I had more on the 'cooked' side like Franklin. Generally if you had a weaker midfield, that could be negated in my voting with an elite forward line. denaeus team comes to mind, which has a weaker midfield of Zorko, Prestia and Rockliff, but that's compensated for with a great forward line of Cameron, Jenkins, McGovern and others.

A team like Danger in Texas for example I thought was much stronger. The forward line has Josh Kennedy, Sam Reid, Tippa and Stephenson, which is stronger than yours IMO. And on top of that the midfield has Fyfe, Merrett and Sidebottom. A small forward, plus an extra 'very good' type player in the forward line and midfield would have elevated your team considerably.

That said, I think this is a strong team for winning on points

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