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Should the draft extend beyond 30 rounds?

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May 24, 2006
Car 55
AFL Club
Other Teams
Redbacks, Sturt, Liverpool, Arizona
Team Name: Harper's Bizarre


F Jordan De Goey | Eric Hipwood | Nick Blakey
HF Bailey Dale | Peter Wright | Michael Walters
C Zac Fisher | Touk Miller | Tarryn Thomas
HB Andrew McGrath | Darcy Moore | Nathan Wilson
B Tom Langdon | Michael Hurley | Neville Jetta
1R Rowan Marshall | Dyson Heppell | Marc Murphy
INT Orazio Fantasia | Caleb Marchbank | Stephen Hill | Bailey Williams
EMERG Kamdyn McIntosh | Jimmy Webster | Ian Hill | David Mundy

SUPP. LIST Kade Kolodjashnij | Jake Waterman | Billy Gowers | Nathan Brown

These are the players I'm most worried about:

Jordan De Goey - will he play 22 games at full fitness?
Eric Hipwood - will he jump to the next level or continue to be a promising young forward who shows glimpses?
Nick Blakey - second year blues or rare talent?
Bailey Dale - was his back end of 2019 a false dawn like Chris Knights' second half of 2009? Or has he arrived?
Peter Wright - will 'Ozmodiar' finally deliver on the potential only I can see? Will the Suns get the ball across the halfway line this season?
Rowan Marshall - have St Kilda pulled out a bonehead multi-ruck trade like the moron Power did with Lycett that will stuff up their structure and destroy Marshall's progress?
Dyson Heppell - will we hear the term "moon boot" used in the same sentence as "Dyson Heppell" this season?
Marc Murphy - the cliff... is this the year he falls off it?
Orazio Fantasia - seems like he's mentally checked out of Essendon. Phone it in or desperately try to impress suitors for a big pay day?
May 24, 2006
Car 55
AFL Club
Other Teams
Redbacks, Sturt, Liverpool, Arizona
Pick 42 - Tim Taranto (GWS)

With our third round selection, United Galactic are pleased to welcome gun young midfielder Tim Taranto. Strong in the ways of the Jedi, Taranto refuses to have clouded judgement, and was one of the only players to bother showing up in GWS' humiliating defeat at the hands of Richmond in the Grand Final.

A breakout star of the competition, the 21 year old averaged 27 touches, 5 clearances and 6 tackles in the 2019 season. He won GWS best and fairest too
Out for first half of the season, shoulder reconstruction :(

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Hall of Famer
Sep 29, 2007
LFC Treble Party 2019-20
AFL Club
Other Teams
View attachment 789662

B: L.Brown, D.Grimes, J.Kelly
HB: H.Shaw, A.Rance, C.Salem
C: B.Smith,D.Beams, E.Curnow
HF: D.Parish, O.Allen, J.Kelly
F: C.Mayne, S.Lycett, J.Caddy
R: R.O'Brien,J.Viney,R.Sloane
I/C:E. T.O'brien, M.Daw, N.McHenry, D.Stephens, K.Hartigan
L.Murphy, J.Higgins, J.Silvagni, D.Clarke, L.Henry, J.Brander, N.Vardy

10) Josh Kelly (GWS)
25) Alex Rance (Richmond)
44) Rory Sloane (Adelaide)
59) Dylan Grimes (Richmond)
78) Brodie Smith (Adelaide)
93) Reilly O'Brien (Adelaide)
112) Jack Viney (Melbourne)
127) Scott Lycett (Port Adelaide)
146) Dayne Beams (Collingwood)
161) Christian Salem (Melbourne)
180) Darcy Parish (Essendon)
195) Edward Curnow (Carlton)
214) Josh Caddy (Richmond)
229) Luke Brown (Adelaide)
248) Oscar Allen (West Coast)
263) Tim O'Brien (Hawthorn)
282) Jake Kelly (Adelaide)
297) Chris Mayne (Collingwood)
316) Heath Shaw (GWS)
331) Majak Daw (North)
350) Ned McHenry (Adelaide)
365) Dylan Stephens (Sydney)
384) Kyle Hartigan (Crows)
399) Lachlan Murphy (Crows)
418) J.Higgins (Rich)
433) Jack Silvagni (Carlton)
452) Dylan Clarke (Essendon)
467) Liam Henry (Freemantle)
486) Jarrod Brander (West Coast)
501) Nathan Vardy (West Coast)
Higgins and Daw good to go apparently.


Brownlow Medallist
Jan 31, 2009
AFL Club
FB: B.Stratton | J.Hamling | J.Howe
HB: S.Atley | S.May | C.Blakely
C: T.Scully | M.Bontempelli | J.Polec
R: R.Stanley | M.Crouch | T.Cotchin
HF: T.Greene | J.Hogan | J.Thomas
FF: N.Larkey | T.Hawkins | D.Rioli
B: B.Ebert | A.Cerra | L.Dahlhaus | L.Davies-Uniacke

Em: C.Sinclair, J.Sinclair, G.Birchall, L.Taylor, W.Powell, E.Vickers-Willis, D.Venables, B.McKay

C.Sinclair in for Stanley
J.Sinclair in for Rioli
Taylor in for LDU
Crouch hopefully improves as season progresses
Birchall in for Blakely
Powell in for Thomas

Howe injury makes defence shaky sadly.


Sack Them All
Apr 16, 2014
AFL Club
This is where my team is at based on form:

B Tom Jonas - Jake Carlisle - Darcy Gardiner
HB Ethan Hughes - Jacob Weitering - Michael Hibberd
C Lachie Weller - Tim Taranto - Andrew Gaff
HF Tom Lynch - Tom McDonald - Bayley Fritsch
F Luke Breust - Tom Lynch - Alex Sexton
R Jonathon Ceglar - Luke Parker - Ben Cunnington

I Trent Dumont - Jack Steele - Brent Daniels - Patrick Ryder

E Nathan Broad - Luke Dunstan - Adam Kennedy - Sam Collins
E Miles Bergman - Jesse Joyce - Taylor Duryea - Mark Hutchings

Out: Kennedy, Dunstan
In: Ceglar, Hughes

Injuries to Taranto, Cunnington, Breust and Kennedy all hurting or will hurt

Disappointing that Dunstan, Duryea and Hutchings aren't getting games even though they are depth players

Not too many players taking their game to the next level, but not too many performing below expected


Premiership Player
Jul 1, 2017
AFL Club
Team as would be selected on form so far :

FF : C.Cameron ......... J.Finlayson ......... O.McInerney
HF : C.Zurhaar............ B.Mihocek .......... J.Hunt
C : H.McCluggage ....... J.Macrae ............ O.Florent
HB : H.Young .............. T.Clurey ............ C.Mills
FB : N.Vlastuin ............ R.Tarrant ........ J.Kolodjashnij
R : T.Bellchambers ....... D.Shiel ............. M.Rowell

IC : G.Hewett .... B.Matera .... J.Rowbottom ... J.Cripps

EMC : B.Frampton .. H.Cunningham .. B.Acres .. J.Ross
M.Gleeson .. N.Balta .. J.Mead .. W.Gould

Promising start from midfield core who are all performing at a high level ... Rowell and Shiel in eye catching form , Macrae and McCluggage ramping up nicely .

Cameron and Mihocek delivering as per expected with solid help from Zurhaar and Hunt . Finlayson so so and Cripps needs to lift . 50 Goals Total is good going

Backline rock solid and should improve as roles are defined .
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Danger Zone

Club Legend
Aug 20, 2013
AFL Club
Other Teams
Hammarby IF, Toronto Raptors
Pretty sure my team has been smashed with short term injuries so far. Jy Simpkin at 281 was the pick of my drafting at this stage.


Club Legend
Oct 15, 2005
AFL Club
Other Teams
B: Tom Stewart - Nick Haynes - Hayden Crozier
HB:Jason Johanissen -Jack Lukosius - Adam Tomlinson
C: Jack Steven - Taylor Adams- Jye Caldwell
HF: Jake Stringer - Esava Ratugolea - Ben Ainsworth
F: Sam Lloyd - Jack Darling - Harry Perryman
R: Rory Lobb - Mitch Robinson- Tim Kelly
INT:David Cuningham - Todd Marshall - Jed Anderson - Shaun McKernan

EM: Aaron Vandenberg - Fischer McAsey - Isaac Quaynor - Callum Ah Chee - Kaiden Brand - Mitch Hibberd - Andrew Phillips-Josh Schache
Haynes, Ainsworth, Perryman and Adams all playing great football.
High picks Kelly and Darling yet to get going.

Stewart’s injury hurts.

Interested to see how my final 2 picks, Hibberd and Phillips go this weekend

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