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Should the draft extend beyond 30 rounds?

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May 24, 2006
AFL Club
Other Teams
Redbacks, Sturt, Liverpool, Arizona
Team Name: Harper's Bizarre


F Jordan De Goey | Eric Hipwood | Nick Blakey
HF Bailey Dale | Peter Wright | Michael Walters
C Zac Fisher | Touk Miller | Tarryn Thomas
HB Andrew McGrath | Darcy Moore | Nathan Wilson
B Tom Langdon | Michael Hurley | Neville Jetta
1R Rowan Marshall | Dyson Heppell | Marc Murphy
INT Orazio Fantasia | Caleb Marchbank | Stephen Hill | Bailey Williams
EMERG Kamdyn McIntosh | Jimmy Webster | Ian Hill | David Mundy

SUPP. LIST Kade Kolodjashnij | Jake Waterman | Billy Gowers | Nathan Brown

These are the players I'm most worried about:

Jordan De Goey - will he play 22 games at full fitness?
Eric Hipwood - will he jump to the next level or continue to be a promising young forward who shows glimpses?
Nick Blakey - second year blues or rare talent?
Bailey Dale - was his back end of 2019 a false dawn like Chris Knights' second half of 2009? Or has he arrived?
Peter Wright - will 'Ozmodiar' finally deliver on the potential only I can see? Will the Suns get the ball across the halfway line this season?
Rowan Marshall - have St Kilda pulled out a bonehead multi-ruck trade like the moron Power did with Lycett that will stuff up their structure and destroy Marshall's progress?
Dyson Heppell - will we hear the term "moon boot" used in the same sentence as "Dyson Heppell" this season?
Marc Murphy - the cliff... is this the year he falls off it?
Orazio Fantasia - seems like he's mentally checked out of Essendon. Phone it in or desperately try to impress suitors for a big pay day?

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