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Oh, another big thing he said was to go onto the Adelaide City Council website and participate in the survey about the club taking over the Aquatic Centre site. The more positive feedback the survey gets makes it that bit easier to get it over the line.
Thanks. Registering now.

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I don't think anyone questions Roo's commitment or effort. Whether he backs that up with sound judgement is another story...

That Field Marshal Helmuth leadership model that someone posted in the review thread still rings true.
Well, Walsh was looking like a good appointment and Pyke did take the team to a GF. I feel like he has some runs on the board with coaching calls, which is why I’m confident Nicks is the right man.

Someone posted about Nicks not being a major coup, but as I said Port were circling and if Hinkley doesn’t make finals this year, he was their early preferred option. It’s always impossible to tell before a game is played how an assistant will transition into a senior coach, but every sign indicates positive things for our future.

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