Analysis AFC SANFL 2019 Thread

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Peter J

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Dec 24, 2008
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Anyway I don’t want to be like some other critics on this board. He is really the only young player (or early selection) I am critica of, because I felt it at the time and nothing has changed. His peers in that draft are killing him.
I like many wanted Jarrod Berry. But there are so many others who are miles ahead of him.
He is a crow now so I won’t compare him to players from other clubs. But looking at the other crow players in his draft year;
Davis pick 75 I rate higher than Gallucci, Murphy went undrafted that year.
Himmelberg pick 51 or thereabouts
Stengle rookie selection
Poholke pick 43. He hasn’t been great either but he still dominates sanfl level unlike the Gooch.
He’ll be a good player...just not with us.

Needs to get away from our system ASAP. Same as Lyons

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Apr 3, 2018
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People are forgetting that we as a club have absoultely refused to develop the next generation. Im not suprised that our last 4 years of draft picks arent up to standard at AFL level.

The fact Douglas and Mackay are still getting regular games prove this.
O'Brien and Doedee both developed very well in the are going too early on Gallucci (played very well with limited possession this year, surprised he got dropped TBH), Forgarty/McPherson, Jones/McHenry/Scholl/Hamil/Butts and what about Doedee/Milera (they were both in the 2015 draft 4 years ago).

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