Affordable tropical holiday destinations that aren't Bali or Thailand

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Run n Spread

Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 2, 2013
AFL Club
Vanuatu. Vietnam if you go North to an mid level city in our winter. Hawaii if you can get a good deal.

Otherwise Darwin/Cairns. But these can be expensive.

If you just want a cheap holiday on the beach try South pacific or a cruise.

If you want dirt cheap to stay a while in a good climate try the Vietnam/Cambodia option or an unexplored Philippines (which apparently has some stunning 100+ island tropical spots (Just stay out of the dangerous and/or dodgy areas).


Brownlow Medallist
Feb 23, 2009
AFL Club
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New York Jets
A Cancun (or somewhere near it) all inclusive resort is still the best value accommodation I've ever had. I think mine was about 20 minutes up from the main Cancun area. This place was luxury and like a paradise photo, endless food and alcohol and heaps of on-site activities and great high end rooms. The on-site restaurants were varied and great quality and we just sunk mojitos all week. And there's heaps of these places there, I'd definetely look into that area if flights allow.

I've looked for similar value resorts in Australia's north or Fiji, etc. and nothing has come close so far.

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Premium Platinum
Jul 16, 2006
AFL Club
Haven’t been, but my mate who’s been all over the world reckons Sri Lanka is his favourite destination out of everywhere. Cheap, relaxing, good food and nice people. Probably helps his sister in-law over there owns a surfing/yoga retreat.

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