Analysis AFL 2019 punting thread

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L'enfant terrible
Apr 24, 2013
inside your head
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
The Unicornia Reactants
Round 15

Goal: To profit one carton of beer per week over the AFL season.
Starting pool: $460
Loss: $11.72
Betting allocation per round: $20

Geel v Adel (both 39 and under): $1.40
North v Coll (both 39 and under): $1.35
Lycett (125+ sillycoach points): $3.25
Richmond (16+): $1.65

Odds: $10.13

Pay: $202.60

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 24, 2002
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Anyone have any longshots in play? I have a few bob on Cunnington into a NMFC premiership that would pay very, very nicely on current trajectory if we manage to scrape into finals. Reckon that the bookies would be throwing money at me if we managed to win enough games in the back half to make the 8 and Cunnington's form continues.


Club Legend
Feb 12, 2007
Peoples Republic of Fitzroy
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
Liverpool, Fitzroy
Needed Freo to win and would have picked up $1,200 that's my horror story from the weekend FMD!

On a brighter note I've noticed TAB have brought in a new same game multi bet and I'm on north to kick the first score a goal into north win by 60+ @$12 for $20 returning $240- This feature looks like it could be very good, in the past I used to get good odds backing first score type into first team to 25 the TAB changed the bets and I havnt been able to do it this season until now. But this feature gives you way more options, no doubt they'll kybosh it at the end of the season.

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