MVP AFL 2020 Brownlow Medal Count

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Alberton Proud

Norm Smith Medallist
May 24, 2012
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
They once gave Matthew Lloyd GOTY for dropping the ball onto his back heel from half a metre out, in the same season Daniel Motlop booted the most audacious on the run wrong side banana from 50 out on the boundary.

Im not sure why anyone acts surprised anymore when these calls are made.
It wasn't just the kick, which was enough on it's own, but the tap work from Lade and the hands from Burgoyne - sublime play

Compared to this - c'mon


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Premium Platinum
Jun 19, 2005
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
I could go out into my backyard and pull off what Matthew Lloyd did probably five or six times out of ten. You could give me a thousand shots at doing what Motlop did and I doubt I'd snag one of them.

I wouldn't even make the distance with a conventional kick and an absolute gale behind me.
Daniel Motlop is arguably the most gifted footballer I've ever seen. The higher the degree of difficulty the more likely he'd kick it.


5 Wins-in-a-row Certificate ‘13, ‘14, ‘18, ‘20
Mar 9, 2003
Queen St & Peter Rd
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Port Adelaide
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Neale was by far and away the best player this season, not sure why anybody is arguing otherwise.
It’s more that his vote pattern was reminiscent of one of those years where Robert Harvey had Stewart Loewe and 20 extras from the set of Neighbours to cut his lunch, rather than that of a star player at an established contender who has a deep supporting cast.

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