Autopsy AFL 2020 First Semi Final - Cats v Pies Sat October 10th 7:40pm/6:40 AEST (Gabba) Match Highlights in OP

Who will win and by how much?

  • Cats by a goal or less

    Votes: 5 4.3%
  • Pies by a goal or less

    Votes: 9 7.7%
  • Cats by 7 - 20

    Votes: 34 29.1%
  • Pies by 7 - 20

    Votes: 56 47.9%
  • Cats by a lot

    Votes: 6 5.1%
  • Pies by a lot

    Votes: 7 6.0%
  • Draw

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 19, 2003
Top of the pile looking down
AFL Club
Other Teams
There was a great shot in the rooms just then
Mayne hands on head, hurting , knackered and bothered. Not a natural talent but gives his all
sitting next to Stephenson, fresh and not bothered a bit. Super talented and gives f all
Good call, I noticed that as well. I remember how well Mayne played in the 2018 GF laying 14 tackles after the sh*t he copped all 2017. Always gives everything he has and a bit more.

Geelong played a complete game tonight.

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Club Legend
May 3, 2007
AFL Club
Other Teams
Claremont Tigers
Well, commiserations Pies. Not a lot of fun when these kinds of games happen, but they do from time to time, to every club.
Travelling, big game against West Coast, then travelling again, couldn't have helped.

Congrats Cats, looking really good. Good luck going forward.

X AE A12

Jun 13, 2020
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Bloody hell what a letdown, hopefully the cats bring that next week and they and the Lions can give the people some moneysworth

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Brownlow Medallist
Oct 9, 2006
AFL Club
Other Teams
Perth Wildcats basketball
Baseball? Baseketball?

Hope the commentators can clear this up for me
I'd like to comment on the last quarter toss-up, of the ball, the smart alec look on the face of Ray Chamberlain?
Why his smirk? This is an umpire with a nickname for heaven's sake, and an ego, who should pull his head in.
Is this what our game is now, over the top celebrity umpires as well as finals that are just not finals standard.
We really have 2 divisions in this sport now, the AFL have crucified it, and the coaches have to take some of the blame for boundary line playing and stoppages which are an abomination of our game. Where standing on a player is gone where statistics are gathered by being on your own, where players seem to refuse to cut the ring against opponents running with the ball, and prefer to guard space, this is no contest, and tonight was a massively disappointing game of football, teams that make finals should be competitive, last years GF and tonight looked pathetic, as for last year there was no COVID around last year yet the GF was not a contest either, too many teams diluted rubbish, and corporates running a sport , have killed it. We will get a couple of goodies in the next two week, but EVERY GAME IN FINALS SHOULD BE A GOOD GAME.
Are we all blind, to the trash, and the free kicks running the match each one every week every game? Sorry, its nearly enough!


Premium Platinum
Feb 22, 2006
AFL Club
fu**n hell absoutely buzzing. I thought we were gone as the Pies played brilliant last week and looked up and about. Got us last year in that qualifier but fu** we were fantastic tonight. Danger played out of this world and snagged 2 gems from the boundary. Ripping job by Hawkins getting his 600th major on the siren and all in all we were tremendous and played one of the best finals in modern history.

Who said we had small hands and didn't have the makings of a varsity athlete? lol.
From a neutral point of view it was a sh*t final to watch. So, no, not one of the best finals in any history! But good win for the cats.

Big Blood

Club Legend
Jun 27, 2010
AFL Club
Other Teams
When did people know the game was over - not just arithmetically, but as any kind of contest? For me, around 10 minutes into the second quarter; zero sign of Pies being up to it. Or was that too generous to Cwd?

Black white

Club Legend
May 4, 2017
AFL Club
Pies were off. If you don't bring the pressure the cats can make you look really stupid.

Brisbane will bring more pressure. But no team can do it for the whole game, Geelong need to make the most of any let up in pressure by moving the ball quickly.
We were off but you guys were awesome.
I hope Danger and Hawkins get a flag / another flag they deserve .....and then retire. Those two have killed us for years!

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