Autopsy AFL 2021 Round 13 - Swans v Hawks Fri June 11th 7:50pm EST (SCG)

Who will win and by how much?

  • Swans by a goal or less

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Hawks by a goal or less

    Votes: 1 3.6%
  • Swans by 7 - 20

    Votes: 10 35.7%
  • Hawks by 7 - 20

    Votes: 3 10.7%
  • Swans by a lot

    Votes: 12 42.9%
  • Hawks by a lot

    Votes: 1 3.6%
  • Draw

    Votes: 1 3.6%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

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Aug 15, 2009
AFL Club
Could have been. There was front on contact in the 3rd quarter that was not paid to Bell when he was right in front. That would have taken the scores to only 12 points.
Yeah, can see that perspective. I'm of the view that it's all swings and roundabouts in the long term, but can understand how it can be frustrating within a game.


Good Poster, sh*t Bloke
Sep 10, 2006
AFL Club
Other Teams
Liverpool FC
Costly loss for the swans.
Yep, this and the suns loss are unforgivable. Given we somehow beat Richmond, Geelong and Brisbane though it probably puts us where we deserve to be

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La Dispute

La Dispute
Jul 14, 2005
AFL Club
Other Teams
Manchester City, Boston Bruins
Is Heeney the most overrated player in the league? For all he gets talked up he only plays well about half the time.
Up there for sure.

He’s one of those guys that isn’t a midfielder, but doesn’t kick bags of goals either. Not much creativity in general play.

Toby Greene-lite.


Club Legend
Oct 11, 2012
AFL Club
Danger game for the Swans, just clunking along at present and some handy ins for the Hawks. Clarko to put on a coaching clinic. I'm taking the $5.70 on offer for the Hawks
As I predicted, a very nice payout from Sportsbet for me, thank you Hawks and the umpires!

That was the most lop sided umpiring display I've seen in a long time, every 50/50 went Hawks way and Swans just got ignored for ones they should have got. Reckon Razor piled into the $5.70 about the Hawks as well.

Umpiring standard has dropped right off this season.

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