TV AFL 360 - 2021

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Jul 29, 2009
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Brisbane Lions
No, you're wrong. Your example of "irregardless" is not analagous, because it's not an example of a colloquialism. When that term is used, the interlocutor intends the same meaning as "irrespective" or "regardless", but simply chooses the wrong (made up) word. When someone used the expression, "It's just semantics", they are not mistakenly using that word instead of another. They are using that expression to describe a situation where a distinction has been made between two alternatives (as between a 3 and 6 week suspension), and where they are claiming that the distinction exists only at the level of meaning (hence 'semantics'), but, implicitly and in contrast, not at the level of significant real world consequences.

It is you who sound foolish, or like you have Asperger's and can't actually tolerate the living flexibility and malleability of language, and the creativity with which humans use it.
I never imagined that in a thread talking so much about Robbo would I read such discussion about grammar and the English language.


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Mar 29, 2010
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Manchester United
What’s happened to 360 would be like if they felt the need to flood First Crack with player guests and panelists.

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The hands of stone

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Sep 13, 2020
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Would love to see the minute-by-minute ratings whenever Jack Riewoldt is introduced. I'd be staggered if a significant percentage don't change the channel once he comes on screen. Total anti-draw.
Guy is rely over exposed in the media . I dont watch if he is on , he isnt terrible but he is on everything all the time .

Rod Stroker

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Oct 9, 2003
Singapore / 30,000 feet
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North Melbourne
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Eagles (NFL), Suns (NBA)
So refreshing having coaches like Clarko and Dimma just talk openly without having to trot out the cliched lines and be guarded with responses if they were still in season. Could listen to them talk for ages. Fox should be securing Clarko to do special comments for the GF this week

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