AFL Cairns Season 2016

Sep 25, 2014
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Big upset with Lions defeating Saints. It's kept the door ajar for finals for them. Saints were missing a number of players, even though M Walsh had a run and kicked 8, and Lions had close to their best side in. Saints will get stronger but I think it says more for lions, who've struggled with numbers the last month, that with a full team they can match sides in the top 4.

Souths and Centrals had comfortable wins over hawks and Tigers. With only 7 games to go, Port can sow up top spot in the big clash against Souths next weekend. It'll be a Great game to watch!
The other games should be close as well. Lions won't be a pushover against Centrals but Centrals would start favourite.
Same with Saints v Hawks. After the bye both teams should have some players back and Thursday nights under lights might be a low scoring game?

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Feb 7, 2015
AFL Club
Who is going to win tomorrow ???
Souths will be fresh with the week off, But did Port get their form back from the big win on Saturday...?
I cant pick a winner, but it will be under ten points.
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