AFL Clubs Mislead Fans On Refund Rights

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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 11, 2006
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
If we got really really outraged and the AFL stripped them from playing finals (a la Essendon) then the current effective ladder would look like ...

West Coast Eagles
GWS Giants
Port Adelaide
North Melbourne
Adelaide Crows
Western Bulldogs
St Kilda
Brisbane Lions
Gold Coast Suns

That would make today's Q-Clash an interesting outcome - not only a determiner of draft picks but the winner gets to play finals!

yes I know that this is not happening just wanted to see if there was a chance of my team playing finals in some alternate universe


Premiership Player
Mar 30, 2008
AFL Club
West Coast
I reckon it is probably fairer to strip the clubs of 1st round draft picks (or their 1st pick if they don't have them) and redistribute them to the others.

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