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AFL Darling Downs: Disastrous

Discussion in 'Queensland Footy' started by We are go for green, May 22, 2018.

  1. We are go for green

    We are go for green Debutant

    May 18
    As a paid member and active participant of AFL Darling Downs the time has come to raise a point that many have been discussing almost daily.

    The current path at which AFLDD is traveling, is simply disastrous and more notably the current league executive contains a self-perpetuating dictator.

    If the opportunity was given for a re-election, I'd surmise that a overwhelming majority would show dictatorship has no place in the AFL Darling Downs.
    I'm almost certain the league executive know this would be the case, so they'd refrain from a re-election fearing reality.

    It takes a bigger individual to except that they are way out of their depth and that they should just ask for help or just resign, rather than trying to rule with an iron fist.

    The dictatorship will destroy this league, but more importantly it's taking away the enjoyment and participation of our children in AFL, in his region.

    It's time to wake up.
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  2. Yamu

    Yamu Debutant

    Jun 18
    Has been declining since the mid 2000s if we are being honest. Jack Barry did an absolutely brilliant job of building up the competition but his replacements slowly killed the game on the downs.

    Juniors have been a shambles for years and that has slowly filtered through to senior footy with the standard of the competition at an all time low
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  3. GEEitLONG

    GEEitLONG Debutant

    Feb 18
    They have juniors issues which were never addressed. Which have led to seniors and whole competition issues. DDAFL are a committee of volunteers. AFLQ has an office in Toowoomba, and they help out (complicit) but the DDAFL volunteers are STILL driving the comp. (incredibly)

    A few 4 (?) years ago DD juniors and seniors merged. Senior footy took over, as it will. A club was kicked out of the junior competition for not fielding a seniors side...(!!!!) Players were lost to RL. That was the beginning of the end. Seniors took precedence over juniors and now the Juniors comp is nearly dead. AFLQ employees in Toowoomba will be pall bearers and grave diggers for AFL on the Downs. They seem to have no interest in being surgeons. Or they feel incapable of being such.

    Rugby League and soccer are AFLs biggest rival in Toowoomba. I know RL play their junior comps on Saturdays. Im pretty sure Soccer does also. DD Aussie rules NEEDS TO STOP COMPETING WITH THOSE CODES FOR JUNIORS, STOP PLAYING ON SATURDAYS AND BEGIN TO PLAY ON SUNDAYS TO ATTRACT CROSS CODE INVOLVEMENT.

    This wont happen as Senior footy takes precedence and the seniors want to play Saturdays and get on the piss after games Saturday night with no work Sunday. (I think we all as adults appreciate that) Those that have kids (not unreasonably) don't want get out of bed then take kids to footy Sundays..

    The worship of (the dying) Seniors DDAFL on the Downs, together with the AFLQ employees scared of 'the pain of correct decisions', ...and enjoyment of alcohol, will kill AFL on the Downs.

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