Resource AFL Fantasy and Supercoach Questions 2020

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 3, 2008
AFL Club
AFL Fantasy is purely based on stats alone, so for Naitanui

6 kicks x 3 = 18
4 handballs x 2 = 8
3 x tackles x 4 = 12
34 hitouts x 1 = 34
1 free for x 1 = 1
1 free against x -3 = -3
Total 70

It's a flawed system to gauge the impact of a player as you can get a tonne of ball and not be a very influential player (see Tom Rockliff)
But at least it's extremely straight forward so as long as you can understand it's not meant to rate a players worth on the field, then you're fine.

Supercoach not doesn't fully gauge a players impact but part of scoring system is hidden/unknown which means you're playing blind. I will say that it at least brings a few more players into contention which is nice but at least you know what you're getting with dreamteam.

Came for Brander update, think I'm finally going to send him packing though as the above comments don't seem that hopeful in him returning :(

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