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BigFooty AFL Fantasy Team Board rules

BigFooty Commandments

All posters must adhere to the rules outlined by the The BigFooty 12 Commandments

Linking to external fantasy football websites

All threads solely dedicated to external fantasy football sites are banned.
A link to a resource list is in the next post. If you wish to have a site included on the list, please alert the moderators who will evaluate it before its addition.

Posts within other threads can still refer to information from an external site however this must be done by posting the entire article/page on BigFooty followed by a link to the original. Links to external sites in signatures are allowed.

This board is for discussion. If you would like your website to gain exposure, place a link in your signature and join in discussion with valuable and insightful information, ideas and opinions. You will become recognised and trusted and people will eventually spend their valuable time finding their way to your website. Direct advertising is not permitted. If you would like to advertise on BigFooty, direct your enquiries to the Customer Service board or PM Chief directly.

This is fair, and more than we allow on other parts of the site.

Posting news articles on BigFooty

To post an article you must follow this method:
Headline of article (if required - best to put it as the thread title)
Link to article
Quote an excerpt of article, up to two paragraphs in length
Link to article
There must be no more posted, unless you have specific remarks about specific paragraphs or sentences. In this case, you should:
Write your comment
Quote another relevant except, up to a paragraph in length
Add further comment
Entire articles are not to be posted.

Board thread structure

Over a number of years a happy medium has been struck between the board hosting an individual thread for every player, issue and question, or hosting a few megathreads where every post is lost in the traffic.

Thus the best (but not perfect) solution is to retain an annual and weekly thread structure for the board which covers the majority of posts and questions. From time to time, other issues will crop up which will warrant new threads.

Annual structure:
  • [Year] defenders
  • [Year] midfielders
  • [Year] rucks
  • [Year] forwards
  • [Year] rookies/cash cows
  • [Year] rule changes
  • [Year] positions/dual positions
  • [Year] famous coaches
  • [Year] Post your team year
  • [Year] player/s X versus player/s Y
Weekly structure:
  • [Round] trades
  • [Round] injuries and suspensions
  • [Round] teams
  • [Round] discussion
  • [Round] post your scores
AFL Fantasy Draft and Cash Leagues

There's no need to start new threads all over the board advertising that you need to fill your league. If everyone did that, we'd be lost in a jungle. You are more than welcome to post advertisements for your various league in the appropriate thread on this board.


Trolling is defined as:
An internet 'troll' is an abusive or obnoxious user who uses shock value to promote arguments and disharmony in online communities. Named after the wicked troll creatures of children's tales, an internet troll is someone who stirs up drama and abuses their online anonymity by purposely sowing hatred, bigotry, racism, mysogyny, or just simple bickering between others. Trolls like a big audience, so they frequent blog sites, news sites, discussion forums, and game chat. Trolls thrive in any environment where they are allowed to make public comments.

Note: If someone has a different opinion to yours, and argues against that opinion, that does not mean they are "trolling". Posters often have differing opinions. Just because other posts don't think a player is as good as you do, that does not constitute "trolling".

General Rules

Remember that BigFooty has a set of Terms and Conditions. One of those rules is not try and avoid the swear filter, it is there for a reason. Please type the word as it is spelt. If you don't, your post will most likely be edited to confirm or deleted entirely.
Additional suggestions
  1. The moderators aren't robots and don't necessarily read every post. If you see something that you take offence with or is a breach of the forum rules, click the Report Post icon in the offensive post and it will be moderated. View attachment 48536
  2. Discussing moderator decisions in public is strictly taboo. Repeat offenders may find themselves infracted. If you have an issue with a moderator, or his/her decision, use the Private Messaging feature. If you are still not satisfied, email to contact the site admins.
  3. Try not to use 'internet speak'. Taking an extra 20 seconds to type properly will mean many more posters are likely to read and reply to your posts.
  4. Search before starting a new thread. The AFL Fantasy Board has a weekly structure which has been developed over a number of years and works soundly. Please check to see if your post fits into an existing thread before starting a new thread. Duplicate threads will most likely be merged in to the existing thread.
  5. Keep it clean. Remember that children are present and act accordingly. Vulgar terms, sexual references, racist material etc. is a completely no-go area and in violation of the BigFooty Terms and Conditions. Posts that push the boundaries will be removed without discussion.
If you have any queries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the moderators.


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2021 Key Features
You will receive an extra trade for bye rounds 12, 13 & 14, totaling 3 trades for each of these bye rounds.

You must select a total of 30 players before the commencement of the Full Lockout of Round 1 on Thursday, March 18 at 7:20pm

If you register once the season is underway, you must complete your team before the next lockout commences.

You can select a team after Partial Lockout begins in Round 1 (Richmond vs Carlton on Thursday, March 21 7:20pm AEDT), however you will not be able to select any players from these two teams as they will be locked.

The Salary Cap will be dropped to $12 million this season to align more closely with the official AFL Salary caps and Player Prices have also been adjusted accordingly.

Point Scoring - AFL Fantasy

Match StatFantasy Points
Kick3 Points
Handball2 Points
Mark3 Points
Tackle4 Points
Free Kick For1 Point
Free Kick Against-3 Points
Hitout1 Point
Goal6 Points
Behind1 Point

Bye Rounds

There will be three Bye Rounds in 2021, in these rounds every user will receive 1 extra trade for a total of 3 trades for the round.

During these bye rounds you select your starting Team of 22 as normal, but only your best 18 Players will score. Players outside the top 18 scoring players will not have their scores included in the total score.

Note that if your Captain's Score is outside your best 18 players, his Score will still count, replacing the score of the 18th highest score in your selected Team

If your Captain plays and your Vice Captain scores outside the top 18, your Vice Captain's Score is irrelevant.


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AFL Fantasy Resource list

If you would like a site (whether its yours or otherwise) included or description modified, please PM a moderator or request in this thread.
Resources are grouped under their most appropriate heading however some websites offer multiple benefits

Scores, Stats and Prices

- One-stop shop, covers all bases
- Very popular basic live scores, chat and commentary facility
- Historical player stats database
- Statistics on this website are based on the official AFL statistics

- Another one-stop shop
- Contains salary predictions, break evens, and advice
- Live scores
- Very informative and analytical blog and

- Detailed statistical reports and rankings for our favourite footy players and teams
- Statistics on this website are based on the official AFL statistics
- Breakevens
- Very informative and analytical blog and

Comprehensive player and Team footy stats

AFL - StatsPro
- Recently updated and provides a very comprehensive list of Champion Data statistics
- Source both team and individual statistics going back to 1999

Websites and Podcasts

DT Talk

Founded in 2007, They have a great stable of writers who make all forms of AFL Fantasy more enjoyable for the hardcore fans through to the casuals who stop by the site daily.

The Draft Doctors
They release a podcast every week of the year, covering all your AFL Fantasy and SuperCoach draft needs all year round!

Coaches Panel
A place where you can get quality daily Fantasy Footy news and analysis, interviews with players, videos, podcasts, articles and more. Our goal is to create one of the premier destinations for coaches of AFLFantasy, SuperCoach, AFLDreamTeam,

General AFL Information

AFL website

- Lots of articles and news
- Provides full Match Review Panel reports
- Handy for Match Centre

Herald Sun
- Up-to-date news source
- First port of call for SuperCoach scores
- Provides some unique stats

BigFooty Club Boards
- All the inside scoop specific for each club
- Find different opinions on clubs' best 22, injuries, player form and more
- Posters are usually biased towards their own players and may overrate
- Specific thread for fantasy questions on each board

Injury Update (AFL)
- Updates on type of injury and duration for every team
- Sometimes not completely up-to-date but good for a broad overview
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Finding your Historical Ranking last Year

Complete a Team (Important)

Go to "Account" at top Right of Home Page

You'll then see your Ranking for every year you've played with the same login details