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Sep 6, 2011
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About 1 year ago I started looking into a project to enable some greater viability to the fantasy football community. Essentially driven by a that for data and analysis from playing too many keeper / draft leagues. End result I've created a BETA website which I'm working through over the off season.

What the site aims to do is provide visibility on players individual progress as a fantasy player based on their statistics against other players over seasons.

Current features:
- Individual player search for 2019 players
- Individual rated against each category (elite, above av, average, below)
- Last 20 fantasy scores
- Scores split against opposition
- Full career fantasy history
- Comparison of two players:
* By multiple statistics
* By season head to head

Updates weekly during the season

Known issues:
- Dashboard displays spinner, nothing present
- Mobile nav requires users to turn into landscape to see nav menu
- Negative stats (eg. Clangers, Free Kicks against are showing the rating incorrectly)
- Graphs are missing legends
- 1st year players are showing twice the games played against opposition
- Add player images and personal data
- Add autocomplete search instead of a dropdown
- Allow filtering based on fantasy position
- Provide a similar fantasy profile for new players compared to historical/current players (eg. Bailey Smith v Zac Merrett)

Planned enhancements:
- Authentication (eg. Google, Facebook, whatever)
- Personalised dashboard of saved players
- Ability to save searches and comparisons
- Add previous season players (eg. Tom Mitchell & Sam Docherty are missing from the current data)
- Adding u18 & state based numbers
- Notifications based on events
- Finer granularity of fantasy comparisons (eg. Average midfield or forward fantasy numbers only)
- Predictive player outcomes (longer term)

Feedback and distribution welcome.

Thanks Adam.
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Aug 15, 2011
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I use to love DT genie and DTruinsyourlife

Id like something that projects what a player will be worth in say 3 rounds time if they score X,Y,Z in the next 3 games

Not being able to figure the formula for pricing hurts

I'd concentrate on the above but that's my opinion

Maybe what they score at particular grounds also important

Most of that can be found elsewhere. Fanfooty, footywire, dtlive data ect

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