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Brownlow Medallist
Feb 23, 2009
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New York Jets
Daniher to win the Coleman is the safest bet of the year.
Lynch $8, Cameron $10.5, Brown $12, I think are worth a few bucks,

Daniher would be a chance pending fitness, but he's missed a hell of a lot of footy so it would be tough.

I think Jeremy Cameron at $10.5 would be my pick of the preseason bets. I am very surprised Tom Lynch is favourite. I have him as a top 5 but wouldn't have him as the favourite.

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Club Legend
Oct 4, 2006
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Melbourne to make the 8 - 2.50
Freo to make the 8 - 3.75

I like one of them to make it for varying reasons

If Ben Brown returns to form the Dees are right in it with a solid backline, Gawn in the ruck, and a good midfield...
Freo another preseason into their young midfielders will give Fyfe/Walters more freedom to roam and get on the scoreboard. Need a healthy backline though but 11 games in Perth should see them win 7-8 of them. Only need 3-4 more to make it

Anyone else want to weigh in here?
Ben Brown is out with injury at the moment. Interestingly both these teams play each other round 1.


All Australian
Feb 21, 2011
banana boat
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North Melbourne
Kangas for the spoon, Saints/Dees to miss the 8.

Flag is Richmonds to lose once again, don't worry about who Hardwick is shagging but might be better to wait a few rounds for their usual slow start/odds drift. WC, Bris and Geelong to fight out the top 4.

Coleman - Josh Kennedy at 10s will do me.
Brownlow - how could you possibly bet against Neale. Reckon $6-7 is as good as you'll get. Happy to bank on him getting of to a flyer.


Team Captain
Jan 4, 2021
AFL Club
Anyone here play draftstars or the equivalent? it's daily fantasy but with cash prizes for 1st-200th etc depending on prize pool. I've tried AFL but usually suck at it lol. I've been successful with the NRL equivalent which is more reliant on reading game matchups/scripts and also less people entering the contests/games.


Premiership Player
Jan 25, 2019
AFL Club
Draftstars used to be good but last year there were people putting 50-100 entries in per AFL contest...its impossible to win anything just throwing money away imo.
Spot on. Great concept but it needs tweaking as people entering max entries just spamming lineups (some over multiple accounts) ruin any enjoyment or possible skills benefit you may have

The single entry games are still good. Just less prize money & wouldn't you know it, those who spam max entries elsewhere rarely win the games that require actual skills/knowledge

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