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Jul 23, 2015
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I don't really know what to prefix this thread, as it's not really a portfolio. I didn't design any of the guernseys you will see here, as they have all been borrowed from Mero's superb footyjumpers.com. I more just had an idea for a 4 year plan of Heritage Rounds and felt like exploring some of the match-ups and playing kits we could see. I'll start from a hypothetical 2020 round and for the purposes of the concept, Heritage Round will fall in Round 1. I have endeavoured to create as many historically significant match-ups as possible but there will be at least one or two games in each year that will be thrown together.

2020 Heritage Round - The 2000s
2021 Heritage Round - The 1990s
2022 Heritage Round - The 1980s
2023 Heritage Round - The 1970s

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