News AFL Logo to be redesigned

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Bunk Moreland

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Sep 22, 2011
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Bit of an idea I had in my head just roughly made it up to see what it looked like.
Was also of thinking the ball could just be negative space like this:

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Nice design but the logo will always have “AFL” in it. It was one of the major drivers for changing from the old “A” logo - they want everything branded AFL.


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May 16, 2019
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Predicting the new AFL logo will be just a capital 'A' with styled goalposts making the bottom of the A and the cutout
I had a spare 10 mins today, and had a little play around on MS Paint (!!!) For proof of concept.

I didn't have anyway of taking the images off the computer apart from taking a photo of the screen.

This is just mucking around and I'm not committed to the design apart from the capital A and the goalposts, so feel free to mock up your own designs.

The first one is just the A, but is too simplistic.

The 2nd is pretty much what I envisioned.

3rd is just expanding it with a footy and AFL text


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Jan 3, 2017
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if the problem in 2000 was that people from non-footy states didn't know what it meant, that's not a problem anymore. the league has grown exponentially since then
I think it's more for the AFL preparing for international marketing. It's a similar problem to the whole non-footy states not understanding.


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Oct 26, 2010
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Couldn't decide between these two, leaning towards the first. wanted a throwback to the old VFL logo, something iconic and simple
Second one for me. Just takes away the generic shape a bit.
And I'd love to somehow keep the stitching on the footy being like goal/behind posts like the current one.

Liam Boy

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Oct 12, 2008
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North Melbourne
Second one for me. Just takes away the generic shape a bit.
And I'd love to somehow keep the stitching on the footy being like goal/behind posts like the current one.
It's the shape of the old VFL logo. I don't think it needs to be weirdly complex with sharp edges and whatever, it's simple and iconic and it looks good on a jumper.

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Oct 24, 2015
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The fixture, the grand final, clash jumpers, blockbuster games... that’s just thinking on the spot
The fixture? In what way? The 10 Victorian clubs are entitled to an aggregate of 110 home games in Victoria, but 10 games are played in other states or territories.

The Grand Final? It's always been at the G. It didn't seem to pose an issue from 2001-06 when six different clubs from other states won the comp. Or WCE last year. Great teams - the best teams - win on whatever ground they're scheduled to play on.

Clash jumpers? Not actually sure what this even means. Most clubs as far as I understand have to wear clash jumpers? Hell, Richmond won their 2017 flag in the gold jumper.

Blockbuster games? Every interstate club has 2 x derbies/showdowns/battles each year, do they not? Aside from that most Melbourne clubs have similar - Pies have Anzac Day & QB, Melbourne Anzac Eve & QB, Essendon Anzac Day & Dreamtime, Richmond Anzac Eve & Dreamtime. Even North have gotten in on the act hosting Good Friday in recent years. Hawthorn & Geelong get Easter Monday. Is it because they're all played at the MCG (bar North's Easter game)?

Anyway back to the topic at hand - not sure we're gonna see this proposed re-design this off-season. Probably 2021?


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Sep 8, 2000
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Might look better with proper execution, but this is from the ACTAFL (what a mouthful) all the way back in 1987.
I remember those days (or day as it has transpired), back when the mighty Tuggeranong Bulldogs was the best team in Canberra. I don't think we've made the finals since.
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