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Sep 13, 2011
Independent Republic of Perth
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
The time has come to launch this for the new year. I’m starting it a bit earlier this year to see how we go and hopefully add some flexibility for those who are keen to join. Also the club has been in contact and if we want to get our preferred players the sooner we can commit the better.

Without wanting to jump the gun I think it would be cool if we could sponsor the same guys as last year, Taylor Garner and Flynn Perez. They are both exciting prospects and I’m looking forward to seeing what they can produce under the new regime. I reckon it’s a good opportunity to expand on the relationship that we started last year and the guys will already be aware of the BF sponsor deal.

Those that are returning know the drill, for new folk please jump on board it’s a great way to get involved and support the club (they have expressed their thanks for us sticking fat throughout 2020). Pledge an amount, I will keep an updated list with a working total, and I will contact you via PM.

Luke72 $100
Snake Baker $100
Go Kangas $50
Lomas $100
Muttley45 $50

Gorman2Geister $50
Ted $50
Giantroo $50
The Filth Wizard $50
Sagitox $50
Kanga Glory $100

Quivorir $100
Flawed Genius $50
Devo $50
Nate7 $100
Kangaroos4eva $50
Sopwiths North $100

Horace $50
Fusion $50
Hsquid $50
Ferball $100
Twinkletoes $100

Dark Phoenix $50
See See $100

Total $1700
Goal $4200
Yep, I’ll go round again, $100 for me


Premium Platinum
Mar 6, 2019
AFL Club
North Melbourne
is there like a time frame you'd need the money by? cause I could do 50 if i throw the money where it needs to be on Christmas

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