Review AFL R7 - vs Sydney @ The SCG - Saturday July 18th 4:35pm

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All Australian
May 12, 2018
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Everyone played well tonight - passenger talk is nonsense when most of the team are kids, and the senior players are trying to do their role whilst piggybacking the young ones.

no changes - roll on!!

*side note - on a trip away and realized I don’t have any scotch! Celebratory glass of red will have to do Bods!


Senior List
Feb 8, 2017
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Good job boys. Starting to see where we're going and the style we're aiming for. Starting to get it in the oppositions head that even if they do get the ball, odds are its gonna hurt. Cleaner hands, better by foot, better composure, better more sustained many improvements. Plenty to work on but all signs really good.
Umpires, clearly have some work to do and need to improve quickly, otherwise we might have to consider relocating them to tasmania 🤔


Club Legend
Sep 25, 2012
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Other Teams
OKC, Chelsea FC, Raiders
Much needed win! Always feels sweeter overcoming the free kick count.

Defence average but stepped up when we needed them to.

Puts us in a great position heading back to Queensland for the foreseeable future.

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