Review AFL Round 1 autopsy - Geelong defeats Hawthorn by 7 points

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Hall of Famer
Dec 10, 2003
AFL Club
Both sides will be better for that. We lacked some serous COOL near the end. Please just hit someone up.
George as a super sub NOT. On at the start would have been better. Probably will get dropped now
Smedts played well , needs to work on his setshots
Capt really brought us back into it. When the u know what hist the fans , its him I want in my side.

Lonergan , gets a thumbs up.Rivers , dumb Melb type mistake but over all good. Backline in general great!

We got flogged in the air. Need some effort there but loved the run. Playing West was the right choice...just. And give the kid credit, Well done Blitz.

Varcoes magic at times was great.Motlop could have been so influential. He lacked finish today. Though Hunt tried hard

Boy we miss Menzel in a game like this


All Australian
Sep 26, 2011
AFL Club
Ok, all I need to see is the Tomahug meme, and this victory is set. lol

Well done on coming back after such a terrible start. Very proud of so many young stars.

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Max Rooke Appreciation Society
Oct 9, 2010
Los Angeles and Melbourne
AFL Club
Other Teams
Denver Broncos, Red Bull Racing
Massive win for us...
1st 1/2 we were rubbish...and pulled it out..
Selsy is just MASSive...

Cads just dropped the we hate Hawthorn in the KROCK interview... speaks his mind... NICE!!

Smedtsy, Hypen, Bundy, Mitch , MACKIE, Rivers.... all good things. Blitz was servicable and has certainly got a future...
Varcoe and Jimmy were immense in the last 1/2. Gut running and skills under fatigue can't be underestimated
HT and Lonners are rocks.

We will be much better with a 1st ruck.

Westy went all day today and credit to him for it.....
Kel and SJ will be great boost.

GO Catters

Gavin Excell

Hall of Famer
Apr 22, 2007
AFL Club
Honour to be a Geelong fan. We as fans keep getting delivered these great results.

Really really happy the younger blokjes stood up - Duncan, Smedts, Christensen (huge second half). Even Motlop did one or two things.

Great heart too from Tommy L - looked like being cut up by Franklin but came back second half and beat him fair and square.

Great stuff

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