Game Day AFL Round 17 - Matchday Discussion Collingwood@West Coast (Optus Stadium – 8:10PM EST)

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Jul 15, 2014
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It’s time for the Grand Final rematch, and while this isn’t the blockbuster that was envisioned a few weeks ago, it is still set up to be a critical match, especially for the Magpies. Collingwood are coming off yet another deflating loss, falling to the Hawks after leading in the last quarter. Meanwhile, the Eagles are once again starting to build into some form, dismantling an inaccurate Dockers side.

The last time these two sides met was back in round three. The Magpies came into the match favorites, but the Eagles put to bed any talks of a Premiership hangover, running out 22 point winners. Grundy and De Goey were excellent for Collingwood, while Shuey and Gaff were very strong for the Eagles


The Magpie’s season is well and truly on the ropes right now. For the whole season, the Magpies were treading water, but now their season is starting to sink. Many thought the Magpies would bounce back after a putrid performance against North Melbourne, and while they somewhat improved, they were still disappointing, losing a close game. As a result of the loss, many are questioning whether the Magpies can not only compete for the flag, but also compete for a finals spot. Combined with a tight top eight, and a tough run home, it’s going to be a real slog from here on out. The real concern for Collingwood is their forward line. While the Magpies were not necessarily a scoring powerhouse in 2018, they still managed to consistently score. However, in 2019 any scoring power is effectively gone, and their isn’t much explanation as to why. The Magpies have relatively few injureis in their forward line, with Stephenson the only key figure missing from the 2018 forward line. However, players like Hoskin-Elliott, Josh Thomas, and Mason Cox are struggling, and this combined with poor midfield delivery has meant that Collingwood simply cannot score.

While the win over the Tigers earlier this season was seen as a positive, the Magpies desire to emulate that high possession game that was so effective against Richmond, has proven to be a curse, and as a result is preventing the Magpies from daring to move the ball forward, and take risks. If Collingwood are to get their season back on track, they need to modify this gameplan.

The man to watch for Collingwood is John Noble. The 22 year old midfielder was drafted in the newly formed mid-season draft, and gets his chance to show that the Magpies made the right call drafting him. Noble has shown that he knows how to get his hands on the football, winning more than 22 disposals in each of his past three games. Nathan Buckley hopes that Noble is able to add some speed to the Magpies, and help drive the ball inside-50, something they struggled to do against the Hawks.

West Coast Eagles

Once again, the Eagles are flying somewhat under the radar. While teams like Geelong, GWS, Collingwood and the Lions garner all the media attention, the Eagles keep plugging away, racking up those wins, and setting themselves up for a top four finish. While at times the West Coast have put some shockers out, they have managed to also quell the critics, with strong wins over some of the better teams in the competition. In the Derby last week, the Eagles flexed their muscle, restricting the Dockers to only 31, while piling on the goals themselves. Luke Shuey continued his brilliant season, while Andrew Gaff was consistent as always. An area in which the Eagles have improved is their scoring from clearances. In recent weeks, the Eagles have increased their scores from stoppages, with last week being their highest score from clearances since 2014. The key to the Eagles turnaround into strong premiership contenders in the back half of this season is their ability to retain possession. The Eagles have played a possession game, and this has resulted in higher quality entries inside-50.

The man to watch this week for the Eagles is Brad Sheppard. Sheppard will most likely get the all important assignment on Jordan De Goey. Sheppard has played very well in 2019, well and truly cemented his place as one of the best players in this brilliant West Coast side. If Sheppard is able to limit the influence of De Goey, it will stop the majority of the Magpie scoring power, and will effectively grab the win for the Eagles.

Head to Head odds

Collingwood: $3.05
Eagles: $1.38



In: Kennedy, Cole
Out: Ah Chee, Duggan


In: Crocker, Noble, Greenwood
Out: Daicos, Thomas, Scharenberg


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Currently, the Magpies are in all sorts, and the fact that this match is being played in W.A. makes it all the more difficult.

Eagles by 25.


Aug 17, 2011
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This is one game that I will consider a win regardless of the score, as long as we take the game on and make a statement with our intent.

I'd love for these young men wearing the jumper tomorrow to inspire me with their commitment and endeavour. Win or lose it could be the turning point that reverses this form slump and propels us to the finals.

On the other hand I shudder to think of how ugly it could get. :eek::eek:

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Nov 26, 2006
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I think we’ve all but put the cue in the rack this week judging by selection. We may just be hoping to get through without further injuries, regain Adams and Howe next week and have a real crack at the Giants.

Of course I’m praying I’m wrong, but I see so little cause for optimism that this could be the line-up to reverse our recent fortunes against the Eagles.

Hoping for a strong debut from Noble and a solid effort from Quaynor; otherwise keeping expectations to the barest minimum.


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Mar 31, 2008
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The game is just too long a grind for us to win. Our adrenalin and desire won't hold up for 120 minutes even if we do come out with all guns blazing. I think we'll be competitive but they will run over the top of us in the end for a comfy victory. Very happy to be proven wrong.


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Oct 14, 2015
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Am in London. England just beat Australia in cricket but none of my English colleagues give a flying *****.

They are cheery though because it is 25 degrees and the days are long.

Boris will soon be PM. He was amusing as Mayor but hard to imagine him responsible for an economy and a navy.

Hard to imagine that our former imperial overlords have descended to Brexitclowntown.

And hard to imagine the Weagles losing to our injury-wracked team that is low in confidence.

But weird stuff is happening and the Weagles will lose.

Collingwood by 16 points
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Jul 25, 2008
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I kept the faith for a while, but this weeks team selection was the straw that broke the camels back not because of the individuals, but rather the thought process. To forewarn this will be downcast as a result.

Anyone else getting flashbacks to 14-17? WTF selection decisions? An uninspiring brand?

Collingwood’s relevancy in 2019 is hanging by a thread and we decided to go pace for pace (Noble-Thomas) in a team that’s treacle slow through the middle. Both Scharenberg and Daicos get two weeks at senior level then gone when there are others that are entrenched and barely pulling their weight. I’m big on learning from past mistakes so it’s really disappointing to see the team they’ve gone with because it indicates, to me at least, that we haven’t learnt.

This 22 has no ability to intercept in the back half with none of Langdon, Howe or Scharenberg to support Moore who’s going to have his hands full with Kennedy. They’ll get their share of the ball in the air and their smalls I50 are better than our ground level defenders so we have no edge in that third of the ground. If they get an even supply of ball out of the middle (an absolute monty given present form and history between these teams) they’ll be able to put 90+ past us. Onto the midfield. We didn’t bring in anyone to impact at the contest or on the spread in the middle, the two areas WC have spanked us in recent times, plus they get Nic Nat back. The flow on effect is that a forward group that needs good supply (50+ I50’s) won’t get it.

As always when I make a negative prediction I’m hoping like hell to look a fool, but like 14-17 I’m sure we’ll be in it up to our eyeballs for most of the match. Any chance of a win though is now gone, IMO.

WC by 24 points.
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Aug 6, 2007
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Glad to see Greenwood back in and wrapt to see Noble debut. Not sure on the inclusion of Crocker but happy to be proven wrong.
Not sure why Sharenberg was left out - maybe he is sore?

One of our most underwhelming sides on paper... but who knows.

Hope to see us mix it up a little bit tonight.

Moore/Roughead to play on Kennedy/Darling.
Crisp on Allen.
Maynard on Ryan
Quaynor on Cameron
Greenwood on Cripps (always seems to kick goals against us)

Can always send Mihochek/Mayne down back if needed.

Likely to see the midfields go head to head - our boys need to lift in what form they have produced over the last few weeks.
Pendlebury, Sidebottom, Treloar, Sier vs Shuey, Gaff, Yeo, Redden.

Would give Mayne a defensive job up forward on McGovern if he starts getting on top down back. Which is likely to happen...

How I see us lining up:

B - Quaynor Roughead Greenwood
HB - Maynard Moore Crisp
C - Phillips Pendlebury Sidebottom
HF - WHE Mihochek Brown
F - DeGoey Cox Elliott
R - Grundy Sier Treloar
INT - Aish Mayne Noble Crocker

Come on Pies.


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Aug 31, 2014
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I’m not sure about everyone else but I’m hoping for Greenwood to play in the midfield.

We have 7 genuine defenders playing:


I don’t see why we would need Greenwood to play in the defence.

He just has to tag Shuey out of the game. He’s also hard at the football. It’s a trait we need in our midfield. Would be disappointed to see him play in defence because it would be much of the same from our midfield.

Vicky Park

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Sep 11, 2012
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Was he good? 2 tackles, 2 contested possessions and didn't provide any meaningful rebound, also doesn't have the speed to keep up with the quick WCE forwards.
Thought Schazz was good enough last week, to be kept in. But as I posted, the coaches must have their reasons and have eased him back into regular senior games this way before, despite howls of derision from fans like me.

Baltimore Jack

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Jan 12, 2011
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Thought Schazz was good enough last week, to be kept in. But as I posted, the coaches must have their reasons and have eased him back into regular senior games this way before, despite howls of derision from fans like me.
Agree, I was a little surprised too, but I think he is still working his way back to full match fitness.
A game in the VFL will do him no harm and perhaps even sharpen him up leading into the final 6 games prior to finals

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Jun 8, 2008
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Not sure what to expect either. The backline match ups are still intriguing without Howe, Langdon or Scharenberg present.

Have already changed my mind slightly on a post from last night. Leaning towards:

Moore to Kennedy.

Roughead to the resting Hickey/Nic Nat to take away the high ball.

Crisp to Darling. Takes away Crisp's ability to rebound, but that's why Quaynor and Noble are in the side.

Greenwood to Cripps.

Quaynor to Rioli.

Maynard to Allen albeit possibly a mismatch.

Noble to Cameron.

Whatever scenario I come up with there's a slight mismatch. Aish to rotate through as well if he has to.

Pragmatic Shill

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Jul 2, 2017
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Does anyone know if there was another traveller besides Brown? I remember they took two emergencies to Sydney but only one to Brisbane this season.

Dead Eye Didak

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Feb 8, 2007
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Considering Adams and Scharenberg are playing VFL, and l gather Shaz didn't make the trip West, because of the playing surface at Optus and travel? Can't really believe he would be dropped on form, he was one shining light against the Hawks!!
Club may have the opinion if we win tonight it's a bonus, but if we lose it's to plan, as we have are sights on resetting our season against GWS. Against the Giants next week we should see Adams, Howe, Scharenberg all back, l am presuming.
I am looking forward more to watching the VFL boys this weekend, as the AFL boys look to be headed for a ugly night in Perth.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 10, 2009
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Re Schaz - He doesn't have the pace to man up on any of the Eagles small forwards & is poor one v one on bigger opponents.
So who was his matchup? I think he is a decent intercept mark when he is allowed to fly on his own. But as I've said in the past, he really worries me on any one on one's & his pace or lack thereof is a major concern. I wish Langdon & Howe were available.

I reckon this one's going to hurt & the club knows it.

TW Sherrin

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Oct 7, 2014
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Sharenberg took 2 good marks but did little else last week. He looked off the pace and slow to move the ball.

If Langdon and Howe are fit he isn't best 22.
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