Game Day AFL Round 18: West Coast Eagles vs North Melbourne @ Metricon Thursday 5.10 pm 17th of September 2020.

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Aug 11, 2011
AFL Club
West Coast
I think a pretty good rule would be if there are 200 players in the league that earn more in a year than your club does, you get kicked out.

A UK soccer team that has existed since 1874 was wound up yesterday over debts totalling around where North Melbourne are at. Their continued existence is a courtesy extended by the financially solvent big boys and the cowardice at VFL House, nothing more.

All this talk of constitutions and this laughable notion of what makes a “real” club: real clubs have more members than would fit in a bingo hall, win trophies and make cash.


Jul 12, 2015
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Liverpool FC, Las Vegas Raiders
Saying that ‘we can’t be merged or moved’ is a bit like a patient, on a ventilator and morphine, saying ‘Yeah, but they can’t move me to a different hospital unless I agree, so everything is fantastic!’

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Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 7, 2000
Victoria home of football
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
No, they can't technically "cut" any club from the comp, but a club can become financially compromised to the point where it would withdraw from the AFL and hand back it's licence.However, this has no impact on the NMFC as an independent entity.

There is a lot of bad rubbish that has been allowed to permeate through generic supporter discussion over the years, to the point where the uninformed take it as gospel. If in the very extreme event that the club became financially compromised to this extent, there's a consensus that it would just continuing playing in a local comp as the NMFC, at Arden Street, with it's blue & white stripes, club song, VFL/AFL premiership cups, etc, and history intact.

We'll never sell out like South Melbourne, or get compromised like Fitzroy. This is why our constitution has been framed in such a manner.

However, presently we have not taken up any AFL slush funds like some other clubs and we are as solvent as we have been in decades, so get used to us.
So if norf accrue sufficient debt to become insolvent, they can just jump ship to the VFL and their creditors will just let the debt slide.

I really revolutionary constitution your club have.

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