Preview AFL Round 8 - Match Preview Collingwood@Carlton (MCG– 1:45PM)

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Think Big & Leilani
Aug 10, 2015
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Bolts in the Age today: “We can catastrophise that one game...
I love it when people say “catastrophise”. Tells me they’re thinking in cliches and on the back foot.
I think we might catastrophise it for him tomorrow.
Such big words for such small achievement.

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Kreme Pie

Team Captain
Apr 15, 2018
AFL Club
The bloose ain’t as bad as some might say. They have been more competitive this year. They had a bad game last week. No doubt they will come out firing against their greatest foe. It’s more of a test for us to see how our boys deal with what should be an emotionally charged and fired up bloose outfit with nothing to lose.
Would really love Jordy to kick 6 this week and stick it up em. Go Pies!


Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 27, 2011
AFL Club
Should win by 8+ goals. Hope we can see a full 4 quarter game and crush these campaigners.


Premiership Player
Jun 6, 2016
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Pines Football Club
Were also playing 12 players with 50 or less games.

It was 14 last week against the Kangas (Curnow is now on 51).

You're basically playing Cripps + half a TAC cup side here.

That said, with our performance last week, I think we'll be in 'make amends' mode and come out strong, with the game pretty even for the first half before you blow us away in the second.
Yeah I'll take that.


Premium Platinum
Jun 4, 2011
AFL Club
Need something to spark the Carlton Collingwood rivalry back up again. Beats me what though.
- Ed did his bit during the week by commentating on Carlton’s coaching situation. People like to whack Ed, but he generally knows what he’s doing with that stuff.

- I wonder if we’ll get out of this current media trend of players and coaches trotting out the “It’s just another game for us, just another opportunity to get four points”. It’s like they’re trying to dissolve the rivalries.

- I reckon we’re now at the start of a generation of footy players who will start to have visible personalities again. They’re social media natives and they know how to project themselves. The science of media training will evolve.

- Much of the rivalry between Carlton, Collingwood, and Essendon is fueled by the Premiership count, and that’s going to be around for a while yet. If Hawthorn or Richmond ever overtake us all then they’ll enter the fray too.

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 29, 2005
AFL Club
we will be hard at it early. carl should pull away late. good game.
We will win the first quarter before falling asleep in the 2nd and part of the 3rd, then control the last 15mins of the 3rd quarter and draw the last Q.

Pies by 26.

How do i know this? because it is exactly how we have played all year and end of last year.

Pretty sure we haven't lost a first quarter this year and likely haven't won a 2nd quarter. Some of our first quarter footy is reminiscent of Essendons 2000 team 1st QTR blitz. Not in method/game style but in attacking momentum.
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