List Mgmt. AFL Trade & Free Agency IX

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Dec 14, 2015
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Grand Final
Saturday September 25

Draft Combine – Vic Country
Friday October 1

Restricted and Unrestricted Free Agency Window
Friday October 1 – Friday October 8

Delisted Free Agency Window 1
Wednesday October 3 - Monday October 15

Trade Period (picks and players)
Monday October 4 (9am) – Wednesday October 13 (7.30pm)

Draft Combines (States and Regions)
VM: Saturday October 9 (tbc)
Qld: Sunday October 10

Tas: Monday October 11
SA: Saturday October 16

WA: Sunday October 17
NSW&ACT: tbc
NT: will join SA or Qld

Trade Period (picks only)
Monday October 18 – Monday November 15

List Lodgement 1
Friday October 29

Delisted Free Agency Window 1
Wednesday November 3 (9am) – Tuesday November 9 (5pm)

List Lodgement 2 (Final date for primary list delistings)
Wednesday November 10 (2pm)

Delisted Free Agency Window 2
Thursday November 11 (9am) – Monday November 15 (5pm)

Draft Nominations Due
Wednesday November 17 (3pm)

Pre-Season Commences (First to fourth year players)
Monday November 22

National Draft
Round 1: Wednesday November 24 (7pm)
Round 2–end: Thursday November 25 (7pm)

Rookie Upgrade Period
Thursday November 25 (10pm) - Thursday November 25 (11pm)

Delisted Free Agency Window 3
Thursday November 25 (10pm) - Thursday November 25 (11pm)

Pre-Selected Rookie Nominations Due (Includes Academy, Father/Son)
Friday November 26 (12pm) - Friday November 26 (12.30pm)

Preseason Draft
Friday November 26 (3pm)

Pre-Selected Rookie Notification
Friday November 26 (3.15pm)

Rookie Draft
Friday November 26 (3.20pm)

Final List Lodgement
Monday November 29 (4pm)

Pre-Season Commences (All other players)
Monday December 6

Pre-Season Supplemental Selection Period (SSP)
December - March (tbc)
Current Contract Status
2021 Draft Watch
Father/Son and NGA
Adrian Dodoro

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Sep 27, 2005
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It's a philosophical issue for me with picks like this.

I struggle to see McDonagh translating to AFL for us because the position is pretty well covered for the balance of his career (at 26).

I prefer to take the raw products, unfished sets of attributes to mould into the sorts of players you need. Players are always going to have weaknesses once they fall into the 50. At that point it's pieces of puzzle. Long dishing the ball to our dynamic clearance players works all day for me.
That depends on his position. In Dodoro's draft watch video he says they see him as a wing. Well, in the EF both our main wings didn't play (Langford & Cox), Durham had little impact, and Ham didn't even play. So we're kind of screaming out for depth in that position.

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Not open for further replies.

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