AFL weighing up more rule changes as Gill McLachlan speaks on plans for 2021 season

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Team Captain
Jan 10, 2014
AFL Club
Gil is a super footy brain and if he wants to bring in more rule changes i'm all for it but if he doesn't I also agree


Nov 19, 2020
AFL Club
Saw Hocking’s interview with rule changes. More distance for kick-in, further penalising the attacking team. Policing of the mark, including not handing over standing of the mark to a team-mate, so player can move downfield., etc

All way too complicated and unnecessary. The main reason teams are allowed to slow down the play is scragging immediately after a free or mark is awarded, often by a player who wasn’t even providing a contest. A few years ago this was being penalised, but has dropped off the radar. So, for example, players run in when a mark is paid or free is awarded and interfere with the recipient, at the present without penalty, which gives their team-mates the time to man up any loose opposition players, and contest the play.
It’s pretty simple to enforce, too.

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