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Senior List
Apr 25, 2019
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Holden (Supercars)
5 of them are Victorian clubs.

If Tayla is off to Queensland, hopefully we can nab 1, 6 and 8 for Tayla and 12.
Unfortunately I don’t think that can happen now - a condition of the concession picks is that the clubs who received them are not allowed to trade any of their first 5 selections before draft day.

Happy to be proven wrong however!


Sep 26, 2004
AFL Club
With the trade period now over we hold the following draft picks:

10, 11, 23, 26, 40, 58

Taking into account the various draft zones that actually works out as:

6, 7, 14, 16, 24, 35

It's a very strong draft hand despite the concessions having been handed down to the sides that have recently joined the competition.


Team Captain
Oct 14, 2008
Narre Warren South
AFL Club
So we have picks 10,11,23,26 and 40 or more pertinently in the Victorian pool these are picks 6,7,14,16 & 24.

I would have thought there is no chance that either Georgia Prespakis or Charlie Rowbottom will get down to our first pick - they seem to be consensus 1 & 2 probably Rowbottom first. After that the field seems to even out and there doesn't seem much consensus. Assuming those 2 are gone before we get a pick these seem to be the names in rough consensus order in the Victorian pool that might get through to us:

Stella REID 173cm left footed w/hf OAKLEIGH CHARGERS
Ella FRIEND 175cm tall utility GWV Rebels (ex Horsham) - might chose Geelong?
Tara SLENDER 175cm tall utility PIONEERS - mainly fwd or mid strong ohead
Nyakoat DOJIOK 175cm KD can play fwd Rebels - elite athlete but is KD where we have needs?
Tess CRAVEN 163cm in mid Geelong Falcons
Tahlia GILLARD 189cm KF/Ru Calder Cannons strong ohead but skilful on ground - rate her highly
Amanda LING 161cm mid Oakleigh - star of last GF which always bodes well for prospects of succeeding at next level
Jayde ANTHONY 166cm top ager def/util DANDENONG
Annie LEE 169cm defender GEELONG FALCONS - might chose Geelong?
Aurora SMITH 165cm defender Geelong Falcons - might choose Geelong?
Maeve CHAPLIN 162cm def/mid top ager Northern Knights has played VFLW at Blues
Poppy SCHAAP 153cm mid/fwd captain of Falcons - might choose Geelong?
Perry KING 169cm Tasmanian mid - might be claimed by North
Gabbi FEATHERSTONE 169cm KF Geelong Falcons - might chose Geelong?
Neve CROWLEY 175cm mid/fwd Calder Cannons
Ingrid HOUTSMA 176cm wing Geelong Falcons - might choose Geelong?
Emilia YASSIR - 160cm mid/fwd Calder Cannons - some rate very highly
Maykaylah APPLEBY - 171cm wing or flank either end - quick and good disposal like this player some rate very highly
Imogen MILFORD 179cm KF Casey
Elizabeth DOWLING 171cm utility Geelong Falcons - might choose Geelong?
Oliva MEAGHER 157cm mid top ager tough EASTERN captain
Jorja BORG 182cm Ru Carlton VFLW - mature (1998 birthdate) Carlton VFLW ruck has been excellent

That takes us through to Carlton's last available pick (as I understand it) so I won't go any further other than to note a few more names connected to the Blues - Tarrah Delgado from the Knights has played with the Blues VFLW team whilst Akaylah Peterson, Ally Bild and Jennifer Lew of the VFLW team seem to show AFLW traits.

Given the fairly broad range of opinion after the players that won't likely last to us, we may well be tempted to look to needs a fair bit. It seems to me we need midfield speed, a rebounding defender and a KF who can pinch hit in the ruck would seem to me to be priorities. The loss of Hosking might add an inside player into the mix but I am inclined to the view that even without her and given we have Dal Pos coming in we are more in need of the speed and a tall athlete forward/ruck. Assuming no Prespakis or Rowbottom I'd lean towards GILLARD at first or second pick (they are back to back so no matter which) along with REID and then quick players from there on (unless we go small early in which case I'd like to see a tall later on) and maybe BORG if we want a mature ruck backup with plenty of footy ahead of her. I see value in this - as our list currently stands if MOODY goes down we have GIBBS whi is pretty green and then no real backup for her.

Something like


would do me fine.


Team Captain
Oct 14, 2008
Narre Warren South
AFL Club
I'd look at grabbing Kate Gillespie-Jones as a DFA. She was good with us the first time around, can play any key tall position and would give us the 2nd ruck to replace Downie.
Might depend on whether she left on good terms or not. Would we take her back - certainly the right type but she is 30 years old so not a long term option if that is what we are looking for.

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Nov 8, 2000
Head in the clouds
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Nottingham Forest
Might depend on whether she left on good terms or not. Would we take her back - certainly the right type but she is 30 years old so not a long term option if that is what we are looking for.
Downie is 36.

Kate left for the start up Kangaroos. Only a handful of players she played with are still there really. Different coach as well. She'd be fine.


Brownlow Medallist
Nov 4, 2003
Earth, near Carlton.
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Tennessee Titans, Tottenham Hotspur
I was thinking of her as our key forward especially as Harris has left.
Moody is one of the best rucks in the game.

I liked the little we've seen of Gibbs to date, but don't think she's catching Breann any time soon.
Completely forgot about her 2021 form in open play, her mobility and bodywork has substantially improved.

When appropriate, I'd rather we look to the draft for a tall. Gibbs is quality and I've no doubt there'll be more like her. Gillespie-Jones hasn't developed her game enough.


Brownlow Medallist
May 22, 2011
The Naughty Corner
AFL Club
Draft Central has a great ALFW Draft Guide:

  • One-pagers on 30 top prospects
  • Profiles on mature-agers (some one-pagers, some short bios)
  • Profiles of other draft-eligible talent (some one-pagers, some short bios)
  • AFLW draft selection list (although missing picks adjusted for zones

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