Women's Footy AFLW 2021 - GWS Women's Thread

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@Headless approved!
Nov 7, 2017
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Now that I'm not sleepy and can form thoughts further than 'good draft' I can offer a bit of insight given how much U19s girls I've watched this year! Essentially Morhpett, Doyle, Mowbray and Fowler were locks as soon as that combine invite list came out.

Morphett was the Allies U19s captain and always our top academy prospect coming into the year, 188cm ruck/ forward with good hands over head and a genuine 50 meter kick, in terms of ruck craft she's got probably the most developed ruck game from the pool (outside of Zoe Prowse), uses her strength to her advantage and initiates contact to knock opponents out, but is a capable leap for centre bounces as well, essentially with Allan taking a year off it's perfect Morphett was here to take.

Doyle is a dynamic forward that just reads the game and ball so well, great mark and can play as a KPF despite her size, hope she builds up her endurance base to get significant time in the midfield given she'd compliment Parker's contested work so well with her ball use. The downside is she was the Swans Academy captain, so naturally, like they are with Charlie Rowbottom, they've all got their circlejerk and possessiveness over her. From what I've heard it might not be locked in she goes to the Swans, but they'll give it a fair crack regardless =(

Mowbray I thought was a curious combine invitee given she didn't stand out at the U19s champs, but her workrate in the midfield, especially defensively, speaks for itself, I can't really comment on anything outside of that. Fowler is a good pick, haven't seen her given I'm VIC based but have friends that play for the Eagles that reckon she's just an athletic livewire that loves a groundball and goal

Todd we've seen and know what to expect, Simmons I know nothing about.

I'm disappointed we didn't pull a Gold Coast and approach a highly rated interstater in an attempt to get them to nominate for NSW, there's a few in particular like Gypsy Schirmer and Zoe Venning from SA that weren't certainties to get drafted given the Crows depth in the midfield and forward lines, that would've been worthwhile selections, it also would've been good to see us leave a spot open so we could ask the question of some undrafted free agents, but ah well

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