Women's Footy AFLW and MFC Women’s team general discussion - 2021

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Premiership Player
Apr 2, 2012
AFL Club
Hanks is in some form, also. Goldrick having an unreal year.
Gold had an off night I thought. Seemed to spoil our own players more than North ones and made some bad errors in the third. Seemed like she was trying too hard at times and just got in the way.
Love that she doesn't give up though and had some important touches late.
Also good to see an ex-ANU player Jackie Parry among the goals!
Yeah, I thought we were lucky with a few. Wasn't sure about Paxman's 50, either.
By the letter of the law it was there, but probably not in the spirit of the rule as she pushed back on the mark very hard and Riddell didn't really account for that (and probably shouldn't have too).

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