Women's Footy AFLW and MFC Women’s team general discussion - 2021

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Proper Gander

Owl whisperer and secret agent
Feb 15, 2015
South Yarra
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Mt Buller Demons
I was doing some random club board lurking, found this quote on the NM AFLW thread from some time after their loss last week:

“I just find it hypocritical,they didnt give a crap about their women's team before this week, at all. I rarely encounter Melbourne supporters but they really are a poisonous and feral group. I needed a shower after reading how they see the world”

Cheered me up no end during lockdown. I want to say well done to everyone here for provoking it :thumbsu:


Premiership Player
Apr 2, 2012
AFL Club
I was expecting North to get going against the Pies like they did against us in the 3rd and probably snatch it. Depending on their fixture will probably be stuck in the lower stretch of the 6 at this rate.

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