Women's Footy AFLW and MFC Women’s team general discussion - 2021

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Premiership Player
Apr 2, 2012
AFL Club
Having stewed it over again today this game still really shits me. What a waste, although it did show how unbalanced the side was, and how thin out depth is. When Hore went out we had basically all mid-tall players up forward in Zank, Cunningham, Parry, McEvoy, Bannan and Scott (actually the same height as Hore apparently, but plays more of a lead-mark game).
Don't think Magee was a good swap for Goldrick either, other than she's fast (apparently) and Irish. Maybe could've put Heath or Mithen back there for some run and actually knowing what they're doing.

Amazing how similar the problems were to the men's side of recent years. Really buying into the one club ethos!

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