Women's Footy AFLW Round 2 2020 - West Coast v Fremantle - Optus Stadium. Saturday 15 Feb 2019, 4:10pm AWST


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(intro music - da da der... der der d-der...)

"Round 2 of the 2020 NAB AFLW season culminates here in WA at this historic RAC Derby."

"Hello and welcome to Optus Stadium, what is a beautiful afternoon here in Perth for a game of football. Basil Zempilas, self-anointed celebrity and Lord Mayoral candidate is alongside me. Your Worship, looking forward to your insights today."

"Thanks Matthew. Apart from some of those unsightly homeless people I passed on the way here it looks to be a beautiful day for football. Like all West Aussies I expect our capital to be safer, cleaner, cheaper, more accessible, more vibrant and friendlier. I am very busy and important but I think I can make the necessary changes this city needs in my spare time."

"Errr, ok Baz. So are you excited about the first ever AFLW RAC Derby?"

"Yes yes. I'm very passionate. With the RIGHT leadership we can make this the greatest city in the world."

"Ok?... Well everyone seems pretty excited about this historic day for women's football here in WA. The rivalry should be fierce."...

"Fremantle are out on the field already. That potent forward line is warming up well. With 6 goals from 14 scoring shots and 47 inside 50s they'll be looking to improve their efficiency a fair bit this week."

"We love repeating the same facts over and over for months so,... Fremantle lost 9 players to West Coast over the off season. The question is whether they can fill the gaps left?"

"Two changes this week for Freo including their 7th debutant of the year, Bianca Webb, coming in for Steph Cain who unfortunately did her ACL in the opening minutes of Round 1. Mascall comes in for Clifford given West Coast's smaller forward line."

"We get another week watching young Roxy Roux. What a name, what a leap. Expecting to see some magic from her and her forward line teammates today."

"We can hear the cheers in the background as West Coast runs out on to the field. Looks like the banner team have worked hard this week to keep it together. We can see ex-Docker Dana Hooker, West Coast's Captain..." (checks notes)... "sorry, Vice-Captain, looking ready for another big game. She's not alone though, those other girls like..." (checks notes)... "Swanson, um... Emma Swanson, will no doubt give great effort as well."

"Coming off one quarter last week they'll all be hungry to play two quarters today."

"West Coast have just the one change with their Digital and Social Media Producer, Kate Orme making her debut for the injured Ashton Hill. Having dodged a bullet last week, when Grace Kelly went down like she'd been shot, thinking she'd torn her hamstring off the bone but it turning out to be cramp. The online trolls certainly got plenty of mileage out of that one."

"Speaking of trolls we have AFL legend Wayne Carey joining Tania Armstrong on the boundary this week and they've got a special guest from West Coast with them..."

"Tania, I said two sugars sweet cheeks... (realises he is on air)... Uh... Thanks Pav. I've got Luke..." (checks notes)... "Dwyer, senior coach of West Coach here with me. A historic day for WA football. How are you feeling?"

"Oh, you want Mr Dwyer? I'm Phil, I'm in charge of the drinks. See that guy over there, standing next to Michelle Cowan? That's him. Do you want me to run over and get him?"


(ad break)

"Welcome back to Optus Stadium where West Coast and Fremantle are getting set to go at it in this historic Round 2 RAC Derby clash in the NAB AFLW. I'm certainly looking forward to it. Two teams. One a preliminary finalist last season. Unfortunately for Fremantle they were bundled out in a disappointing loss to the Blues. The other, a team yet to see a win in either the pre-season or Round 1, going down last week to the 2019 wooden spooners, Collingwood, after showing some promise in the first quarter. Both of these sides will be hoping to make a mends... Matthew Pavlich, Basil Zempilas and Will Schofield have made their way back up to the commentary box. Pav, getting the win in such a short season seems so critical in AFLW?"

"Yes winning is generally fairly important in competitive sport. I'm expecting both teams will want that."

"Absolutely. Let's get down to Tania at the ground."

"We're getting ready for the coin toss with Fremantle Captain, Kara Antonio, formerly Donnellan. Kara, you're a veteran of a lot of footy, nerves or excitement for the first AFLW derby?"

"Very excited and some nerves as well. We've prepared really well and " (interrupted by Tania)

"Sorry to interrupt Kara, we've had some breaking news, good luck today, back to you guys up in the box."

"Yes a tweet has just come up in our feed from Nic Naitanui. It appears he has now solved world hunger."

"The girls out on the field would have to be pretty inspired by that?"

"Certainly. From up here it looks like they are talking about it in the huddle right now."

"Fremantle win the toss and will kick to the city end."

"Yes. A city that needs their council rates kept low."

"Wayne has managed to grab, not literally for once thankfully, AFLW superstar Dana Hooker for a chat."

"So Dana, I've been told I'm quite the expert with hookers. Hur hur hur..." (awkward silence)... "You kicked West Coast's first and only goal last week, what's the strategy today?"

"We moved on pretty quickly from last week and this week we're hoping to bring more of what we showed in the first quarter "
(interrupted by Wayne)

"Sorry to interrupt but the West Coast AFL team's re-run of the Stevie Simpson's Cup is about to start."

(camera cuts to the dog race)

"Duggan's Bluey takes it out again! Looks like he might have had some words of encouragement from big Nic Nat to help him get over the line there."

"Well that was pretty exciting Pav. I think we are going to see that race played on 7 News a fair bit tonight. It's going to be hard task for the girls to top that!"

"Only seconds before the first bounce, here's Tania at the ground with Gemma Houghton."

"So Gemma, just quickly before you run out, what's your focus today?"

"I'm pretty determined to get that blue tick on my Instagram account so expect a big day out in front of goals from me."

"Good luck!"

(the siren sounds)


It was a pre-season hit out a few weeks back and Freo's youngsters got up by half a dozen goals against West Coast in their first semi-competitive game ever.


It's now the regular season, pre-season counts for nothing. West Coast have and will continue to improve from then, whilst Freo have added leadership team members KAntonio, EAntonio, Bowers and Miller to the side that played in that scratch match.



Out: S.Cain (knee), M.Clifford
In: B.Webb, L.Mascall

B J.Cuthbertson 29 ~ P.Seth 18
HB A.Stannett 24 ~ E.Antonio 12 ~ E.Gooch 8
C L.Rohde 11 ~ K.Grieve 13 ~ K.Antonio (C) 15
HF G.O'Sullivan 22 ~ G.Houghton 27 ~ A.Sharp 1
F R.Roux 17 ~ S.Duffy 6
FOL M.Strom 21 ~ H.Miller 19 ~ K.Bowers 2
I/C J.Stewart 7 ~ L.Pugh 32 ~ K.Flood 44 ~ B.Webb 26 ~ L.Mascall 14
EMG M.Clifford 4 ~ E.O'Driscoll 3

West Coast

Out: A.Hill (knee)
In: K.Orme

B C.Perera 27~ T.Radan 26
HB B.Smith 14 ~ S.McDonald 35 ~ M.Dowrick 5
C M.Collier 8 ~ I.Cameron 19 ~ N.Kelly 12
HF A.Atkins 9 ~ K.Gibson 2 ~ M.Bowen 1
F G.Kelly 15 ~ D.Pisconeri 11
FOL P.Laurie 25 ~ D.Hooker 17 ~ E.Swanson (C) 13
I/C T.Tester 23 ~ C.Guard 4 ~ H.Bullas 24 ~ B.Devlyn 7 ~ K.Orme 32
EMG E.Bonser 6 ~ C.Davidson 33


I could over analyse the crap out of this game but really it is a side in their first year that has a handful of decent players surrounded by some players who probably wouldn't be playing AFLW otherwise, against a team that has a list capable of challenging for the premiership but needs to build a fair way from their round 1 performance to do that.

Given both teams' performances to date, West Coast should have almost no chance to produce an upset win over a far more experienced and talented Fremantle team. Irrespective of some good players on the sidelines and Fremantle having youngsters filling those roles, they should still be too strong and get the job done.

I'm personally not too bothered if it is a close game or not. I'm just looking to see some exciting football from the Freo girls where Duffy, Houghton, Sharp, Roux, Miller and Bowers all dazzle us a bit. For West Coast fans' sake I hope they show glimpses of improvement from their first week.

Hopefully Roux with a Rising Star nomination this week.

Fremantle by 6 goals (should have been the margin v Geelong last week given the i50 dominance)
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I'm heading to the game on Saturday night and I am so excited for this. This is a chance to make a statement for the girls and get a big win over the little sisters down the road. Like I have no disdain for West Coast, but they made a statement to us 26 years ago in the first derby and showed us our place, it's time for us to rewrite that with the girls.

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Bianca Webb will debut!!! Hoorah. She's a gun. Coming in for Cain obviously.

Clifford is also an Out, replaced by Leah Mascall in the side. Not sure if injury related? Can't imagine she'd be dropped based on last week?

West Coast have turned to their Digital and Social Media Producer, Kate Orme to come in for AHill.

edit - Clifford dropped for team balance. They didn't think they need another tall for covering WC's forward line. Fair enough.


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Oct 24, 2015
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It's Game Day!!!

I'm revising my prediction. Fremantle by 10 goals. Houghton to completely dominate, kick 6 goals and be worthy of best player of the round (but miss out because they won't want Freo to win it two weeks in a row). I can't see any WC defender that can go close to limiting her impact.

Most importantly of all... Please no more injuries!!!


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Hopefully the threat of some rain doesn't turn too many away and we get a bumper crowd this arvo

Looking forward to the possibility of Hooker and Bowers going HTH and Gemma and Sabreena wreaking some havoc

Freo by 4 goals

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Gotta love the chnl 7 ad

Its all live and free

Oh but if you support Freo you will haveto watch 3 delayed telecasts this season or buy fox

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