Women's Footy AFLW Round 4, Brisbane v Adelaide, Sunday at Hickey Park.

Who were your five best players against Adelaide?

  • 18 Alexandra Anderson

  • 16 Lauren Arnell

  • 1 Emily Bates

  • 15 Greta Bodey

  • 20 Shannon Campbell

  • 12 Sophie Conway

  • 14 Dakota Davidson

  • 17 Isabel Dawes

  • 5 Jade Ellenger

  • 24 Tahlia Hickie

  • 21 Courtney Hodder

  • 3 Breanna Koenen

  • 11 Rheanne Lugg

  • 13 Kate Lutkins

  • 9 Orla O'Dwyer

  • 6 Lily Postlethwaite

  • 31 Taylor Smith

  • 25 Catherine Svarc

  • 26 Indy Tahau

  • 30 Jesse Wardlaw

  • 8 Emma Zielke

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Section 5

Club Legend
Nov 26, 2018
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Game Day! And this time you can bring chairs. I think we'll beat them by 14 points.

What is Grider's injury? Will she miss the rest of the season?
Can you really bring chairs as i got caught out last time we had a trek back to car in 36 degrees.
Just about to leave now so won't risk it again

Good test today. We need to win at home as away games are more difficult
Lions to win any margin will do


Club Legend
Apr 3, 2017
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
that was basically a body charge on Lutkins in that marking attempt, great work to hold onto it.

already muted the comp, these commentators are getting on my nerves..

we've gotta get a bit cleaner, adelaide are mopping up our kicks.

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The Lions....AFL's new powerhouse
Jul 7, 2017
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
Latrobe Uni....Heathmont
Kpf need to move up a tad and get in front.....ball bombed in a couple of times and nobody there.

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