Women's Footy AFLW Round 4, Brisbane v Adelaide, Sunday at Hickey Park.

Who were your five best players against Adelaide?

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Maroon Monsoon

All Australian
Oct 1, 2019
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Damnit that was a disappointing way to end the half. I'm at the ground for the first time this year so can't see the field as well as I'd like but at this stage it seems the big difference is the teams kicking. Crows are consistently kicking to their players advantage in one on one contests whereas well be kicking to no one, contests were out numbered or to the defenders advantage. Its especially bad going inside fifty.

Hopefully the girls can calm down and regroup a little. Second quarter was much better so if we can make this a tight contest it'll be a good learning experience

Edit: wait were only down 12? I thought it was 20 for some reason! Still alive!

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