Women's Footy AFLW Round 9 Brisbane v Melbourne at Casey Fields

Who were your five best players against Melbourne?

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Maroon Monsoon

All Australian
Oct 1, 2019
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
God that was shattering. I thought we were in with a chance at the end but it just wasn't to be. To be honest I didn't think either team looked great, and our girls were a cut below where they were the last few weeks but you can't fault their work rate.

If I'm reading it right we've locked down a home final regardless and we'll definitely be in with a shot to have a good finals campaign given how well we've played the top six team this season. Would be great if Collingwood can handle the crows and lock us in for a top two finish so the girls can have a week to recover and get right for finals

Even on a disappointing day I've gotta say I really enjoy watching this team. I really hope they can show the whole comp how good they are across finals

Edit: so I've looked and if the crows win we finish third, pies win we finish second. Crows have looked like the best team in the comp when they've been on so I reckon they'd be the favourite, but who knows what happens. Still, locking in a top three finish with where the team looked to be after the Gold Coast raids is a remarkable outcome

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