Women's Footy AFLW Round 9 Brisbane v Melbourne at Casey Fields

Who were your five best players against Melbourne?

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The Lions....AFL's new powerhouse
Jul 7, 2017
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
I saw melbourne have the best win-rate against top-6 teams this season? I think we're second.

Honestly I think anyone can win it.

I just hope this covid kerfuffle doesn't derail our preparation. Starcevich is a pro and the girls are all dedicated so I this probably won't be any issue. Only issues is how AFL will deal with things.
And if we make the Grand Final they will resurrect that female umpire we had devour us in the Doggies Grand Final. Omggggggg I will never get over that and the BOG! Itis not easy being a Lion but wouldn't trade it for ................

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