AFLW AFLW Season 6, Mega Thread

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All Australian
Sep 12, 2020
AFL Club
Doing well here. Breaking down on the last kick into F50, but not a bad problem to have.

And just as I type this, the Blues get one entry and it's a clean mark...

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Jun 21, 2011
AFL Club
Love the intent of the team, we really seem to have a more attacking mindset this season compared with past years and a willingness to take the game on more

Right now we're just lacking that little bit of polish and class to finish things off, and I guess that's the sort of thing which will come with experience and time together, and hopefully something we'll see improve as the season goes on

The other area of improvement that's been a need since season 1 is a greater presence across the half forward line, and that's where someone like Barber will be very helpful

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