Ahoy mateys, we be sailing the seas of misery!

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Jun 9, 2001
Windy Hill Safe Injecting Room
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
St Johnstone
Moderator #53
"We're pleased with the way we went about it today but we just can't be satisfied where we're at. Our challenge is to focus on and consolidate on the areas that are improving for us and really getting past that style of iceberg regardless of where they sit in the water," Scott said.

"If we'd been able to steer out of its way earlier in the journey I think we'd be in a different position. But the reality is at the end of the collision we are where we are.

"So the exciting thing is we made safe passage out of Southampton until then. We've just got to keep persisting and try to replicate that brand of seagoing travel as consistently as possible."
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